Party Looks

December is the time of parties, both big and small. I personally prefer the small ones, and wanted to dedicate today’s posts for party looks. Both of these styles are pretty casual, so they’re perfect for informal get-togethers with family and friends. They both feature the same petticoat, but are pretty different in other aspects.


A while back, I introduced you to Daisy’s Dress. This two-toned little number is pretty easy to sew (if you’re not intimidated by elastic velvet) and fun to wear. I made mine with black lycra and flower print velvet. Today, I wanted to use Daisy’s Dress as the base for the first of our party looks. I paired the dress up with a frilly petticoat, and black tights. The dress, being made with two fabrics, has a seam at the waist. To conceal it, I took an elastic belt, and wore it backwards so that its buckle wouldn’t draw attention to itself.

Since it is starting to get a bit chilly, I wore a light cotton scarf with the dress. Long rectangular scarves are really easy to just sort of drape on, and wrap into when needed.

This look turned out quite cute with all of its subtle details, but I still prefer the next one more!


For today’s second look, I went with my Spaghetti Strap Dress. I made this using a Spaghetti Strap Top and a Jersey Skirt which I chopped at the knee. As a result of morphing these two together, I got a super-comfy dress that’s ridiculously easy to both wear and accessorize. This is the kind of dress that works for any occasion. The design is classic and versatile, and I don’t think there is a dress on this world that takes accessories better.

I wore my Spaghetti Strap Dress over a long-sleeved mesh top and my frilly petticoat. To conceal the seam at the waist, I wore my elastic belt, adjusting the buckle to the side. Off-center, the buckle creates a detail a bit more interesting.

This is the kind of look I really wear. It’s easy, it’s basic, it comes with no window for malfunction. And it’s black.

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s party looks.

Until next time.



Black and Purple Looks

Today is Black Friday, and our preChristmas Sale started a bit early, on Tuesday! Until the end of this year, you’ll see a very annoying pop-up on our site to remind you to take advantage of our discount code. By using the code HWD-ANYTHING-15, you’ll get 15% off on everything in our collection. Sale ends by January 1st, 2019, so you have plenty of time to shop for both Basics, and not-so-basics. Today, I wanted to show you a couple of outfits based quite loosely on our patterns, so let’s jump right into black and purple looks!


In the first of our black and purple looks, I wanted to show you a dress you have yet to see. I made this black dress during the summer’s heat wave, and somehow forgot about it. It’s gotten quite a bit of wear, though, since I thoroughly like it. This dress is made with a really light, translucent jersey. It has a yoke, a round neckline, and sleeves with pleated shoulders. This little number needs to be worn with another layer under it, and I usually go for a black slip. For this look, though, I paired the dress with a purple slip. To show off the beautiful color, I gathered the black dress’s hem a bit, and secured it with a brooch. I wrapped black pearls around my wrist, rolled my hair into a sock bun, and totally loved the look! This style is super-comfy, and so cute I can’t wait to wear it out.


I hung on to the purple slip for the second look. Lately, I’ve grown fond of wearing wrap dresses with contrast colored dresses. For the second of our black and purple looks, I wore our Sleeveless Wrap Dress (the modded version, that is) with said purple slip. I love how the slip offers more coverage to The Wrap Dress especially around the neckline, and a spot of color never goes amiss. The slip is a little bit too long for this dress, so I sorted the issue out with an elastic band. I took a piece of elastic, secured it around my waist, and pulled the slip over it to shorten the hem. From under another dress, no-one will be able to tell!

I really like this look, it’s comfy and cute and somehow just a little bit slutty. In the nice way, that is.

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s Black and Purple Looks!

Until next time.



Favorite Looks From 2018

Today, I went to the internet, and saw Black Friday Sale ads everywhere. So I decided that instead of Friday, our preChristmas Sale starts NOW! From now until the end of this year, you’ll see a very annoying pop-up on our site to remind you to take advantage of our discount code. By using the code HWD-ANYTHING-15, you’ll get 15% off on everything in our collection. Sale ends by January 1st, 2019, so you have plenty of time to shop for both Basics, and not-so-basics. Today, I wanted to share some of my favorite looks from the past year to remind you of some of our patterns.


This year, we’ve pushed out sadly few knitting patterns. I dare say Violets on Stripes is the only one! Next year, this will change, hopefully, since we have two knitting patterns in the making, and more in design.

This look featuring Violets on Stripes and our Jersey Dress is the comfiest outfit I have worn in a long time. The cute little cardigan is really warm and soft, and The Jersey Dress fits like a glove. I remember being super happy about this look on photo day, and totally love the way it looks.

Violets on Stripes is, as you see, a cropped cardigan. It’s worked up from the hem, so you can knit it as long as you like, and embellished with crochet flowers. This thing is pretty unique, but can easily be toned down.

Dark and Comfy

Lee’s Dress was launched in early fall, and quickly became one of my favorites. This Kimono-inspired dress features adjustable sleeves, an A-lined hem, and a fitted empire waist. It’s best made with non-elastic materials. I used a faux silk for mine, and am thinking about making another one with something else. I’d like to try a fabric that’s a little bit thicker just to see how it falls.

For this look, I wore Lee’s Dress with minimal accessories. I chose an elastic belt to hide the waist seam with, and silvery heels to give the look a touch of color. This look is seriously comfortable, and I’ve actually worn it out. I don’t think if it was to any place special, but I do recall feeling very happy about my outfit! 


This dress was born right around the time I got married. At that time, I was pretty stressed out about what to wear on my special day (it’s really not that special if you do it for the second time, and only go to the registry office) and ended up making a bunch of dresses to choose from. I ended up wearing Mary’s Dress, and this one, Jane’s Dress, is its sister. Both of these dresses come with an empire waist and an A-lined hem. Jane’s Dress is a bit more casual, and sports a hood lined with contrast color. For this look, I wore it with a red sash that quarrels a bit with the hood’s lining. Despite that, I love this one of these favorite looks. There’s something innocent and mysterious about it, and it’s seriously comfy, too.


This look is from March, I think, and features three of our Basics: Spaghetti Strap Top, Jersey Skirt, and Lace Top. This is by far my number one pick of today’s favorite looks, and I would gladly wear it anywhere. I can’t right now, though, because I turned this skirt and top into a dress, and shortened the hem.

I’m hoping fabrics are on sale after Christmas, or that Santa brings me some materials ’cause I’d kinda like to have long Jersey Skirt again! ;D
I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s collection of my favorite looks. Don’t forget to take advantage of our sale (you only have until New Year’s Day, so be quick), and I will see you next time!

Until then.



Casual Knit Looks

Today, I wanted to share my favorite casual knit looks from the past. These are all styles that work wonderfully for shopping, or just visiting friends. Cute looks like these three are actually my favorite ones to create: they’re the kind of outfits that can be worn pretty much anywhere on an ordinary day, and they add a lot of fun to said ordinary days.


For the first of today’s casual knit looks, I picked a style with a simple dress, and a show-stopping top. This Raglan Top is our most deceptive knitting pattern. It looks like a pretty basic ribbed sweater, but withholds many unique features. It sports button details on the raglan seams, an asymmetric collar, and a hi-lo hem. I love-love-love this pattern, and was thinking about making another variation of it for large needle size.

For this look, I paired The Raglan Top with our Jersey Dress. A basic dress works beautifully with an eye-catching top, and feels comfortable to wear. To top off this look, I wore wedge heels embellished with silver skulls.


This look is my favorite of this bunch. I chose our Chunky Seed Stitch Shrug for this style, and wore it over a cute and comfy look. The Shrug hides our Spaghetti Strap Top worn over a long-sleeved mesh top. I wore our Crinkle Skirt with this look, and paired it with a lace petticoat for a more romantic vibe. Double buns and black pearls give this lovely look an even more feminine feel.

Despite so many layers and details, this look is surprisingly comfortable. There’s nothing constricting in it, and the whole ensemble is really warm. It’s perfect for those cold winter days!

Cute Cardigan Looks - Seed Stitch Shrug likes our Crinkle Skirt


The last of our casual knit looks is the most casual of the bunch. I wore our Faux Cable Shrug over our Jersey Dress to achieve a simple, elegant, and super-comfy look. I totally succeeded in the comfy-department!

This is the kind of style I most often go for. With very little moving parts, this outfit is easy and comfy to wear. It’s simple enough to wear around the house, and put-together enough to run errands in. The Shrug gives it a surprising amount of warmth, and also adds a touch of color to the otherwise dark look.

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s casual knit looks!

Until next time.



Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Halloween is tomorrow. Most of you probably have your costumes all ready, but just in case you miscalculated time (like I always do), I wanted to show you two last minute Halloween costume ideas! Both of these are super-easy, require absolutely no crafting, and can be put together using wardrobe staples.

Mrs. Mia Wallace

If you’re into quirky films, you’ve most likely seen Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction. It’s one of my favorite films, and Mrs. Mia Wallace one of my favorite characters. Channeling her is easy: all you need is a pair of black pants, a white shirt, and a bob with bangs.

The outfit should cause no problems, but hair can be tricky. Wigs are costly, and not everyone wishes to have a haircut just to pull off a costume. I most certainly didn’t! Luckily, YouTube is full of hair tutorials. Whether you wish to create the perfect French twist, or a faux bob, a friendly YouTuber is guaranteed to help. To pull off this look, I turned to Loepsie. She hosts a wonderful beauty channel, and creates hair and make-up tutorials among other things. I highly recommend her faux bangs and faux bob tutorials, and, in fact, her entire channel.

Creating this last minute Halloween costume took me about half an hour, most of which I spent struggling with stubborn hair. I wore the only pair of pants I own, and a white shirt I actually got from Dad many, many years ago. This is a super-comfy look, but when venturing outside, I recommend wearing shoes!

Last Minute Halloween costume: Mrs. Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction

Wednesday Addams

Wednesday, daughter of Morticia and Gomez Addams, is most likely known to all. This epic child was born on the pages on The New Yorker, and later seen in a black and white TV show in the 60s. In the 90s, we met Wednesday in a movie. The Wednesday portrayed by Christina Ricci is probably the one everyone knows best. She is gloomy, big-eyed and clad in black. For my Wednesday costume, I wore a white shirt under a black dress, and black tights. I braided my hair, and chose a Suicide Bunny to drag along.

Wednesday costume is also a really easy one. All you really need is a black dress with a white collar, and the trademark braids. When doing this costume, it’s tempting to go for a slutty version, but I suggest you keep in mind that Wednesday Addams is, in fact, 8 years old.

With this in mind, I kept make-up to a bare minimum. I did a light foundation, applied mascara, and dabbed on a touch of red lipgloss to not looks so… well, dead. I took my Suicide Bunny along for the ride since it does look like something Wednesday would love and cherish.

Last Minute Halloween Costume: Wednesday Addams

I hope you’ve enjoyed these last minute Halloween costume ideas!

Until next time.



Lace Dress Looks

On Tuesday, I showed you a dress I made for a special occasion. Today, I wanted to share outfits based on the new dress, and its source of inspiration. I made my Lace Dress with our Hooded Dress Pattern with minor modifications. Instead of two layers, I only used one, and instead of long bishop sleeves, I went with short ones. The dress goes with a contrast colored slip, and I can wear it either with it, or with something else. For today, I styled up my Lace Dress for a darkly inclined party, and our Hooded Dress for Halloween Day. Let’s jump right in with wide hem dress looks!


For the first look, I wore my Lace Dress with its purple slip. The color doesn’t show in the photos at all, and it’s pretty subdued in real life, too. The combo does look pretty, though, with a hint of purple shining through black lace.

This design is super-simple. It doesn’t have too many seams, or details, and that’s why it can look a little plain worn as is. I wore my black corset over the dress to give it more detail, and draped black pearls around my neck. Too much jewellery is always a great idea, but for this look, I chose to wear only a few bangles. I chose black pearl earrings and a black earcuff , and made an attempt at a more challenging hair-do. Part from the hair, I’m quite pleased with this look. It’s comfy and cute, and totally house-party worthy!


Last Halloween, I went as a cat. I wore our bodycon Jersey Dress and kitty ears, and even did a cat make-up. The costume was so much fun: it even got me a chance to push things off tables! This year, I have something else planned, but I still wanted to use the ears as part of an outfit. Halloween costumes are fun to come up with and create, but if you’re in a rush and need something super-fast, you can always go simple. Making an effort, even the slightest one, is polite toward hosts if you’re going to a party, and can make a day even more fun. For the second of our wide hem dress looks, I wore our Hooded Dress (the hoodless option) over our Crinkle Skirt. I used an elastic belt to give the simple dress a detail, and wore cat ears to push the look into a feline direction.

This look is also super-comfy, and I would love to wear this out. The Crinkle Skirt has a wide hem, and worn as a petticoat, it makes the dress’s hem look even larger. I totally love that effect!

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s wide hem dress looks!

Next week is Halloween week, and I was thinking about doing a “last minute costume” -post for Tuesday. We’re going to have our Halloween party on Saturday, so you’re going to have to wait until next week to see what I wore!

Until next time.



Lace Dress

A while back, nearly five weeks ago, we went to London for the weekend. We went to museums, ate all things tasty, and saw Garbage. I’ve been hoping to see them ever since Only Happy When It Rains came out as a single, so the occasion naturally required a new lace dress. I made one out of black lace and purple lycra, and felt very good about it. I also felt very good about finally getting to see Garbage: it was well worth the 13 year wait!

I chose to sew a separate slip and a lace dress. This way, I could combine the pieces with other elements, too. The materials for this new dress came from our local fabric store. I went in looking for skin toned jersey for a slip, and walked out it purple lycra and black lace. Could have been worse, though. I could have walked out empty handed!

After pre-washing the fabrics, I started to think about patterns. A simple design seemed like the best option. I wanted a narrow, purple slip, and a black lace dress with a wide hem. Choosing a design for the slip was easy: our spaghetti strap top worked perfectly after adding length to the hem. But the lace… well, that gave me a hard time. I wanted to make the dress with as few seams as possible. Patterned fabrics have a tendency to dislike vertical seams in particular. After giving the dilemma an entire hour of thought, I decided to go with our Hooded Dress Pattern.

Cutting the dress was fun. I’d chosen, at random, a nice and sturdy cotton based lace. It had a little bit of elasticity to it, and that promised a dress both cute and comfy. To make it easier to actually get into the dress, I installed a zipper into the center back seam. I used most of the fabric into the dress’s bodice and hem. This meant that I had to settle for short sleeves. Long ones would have of course been nice, especially with winter coming, but short ones are sometimes OK, too. I went with a basic cuffed sleeve, and sewed pleats onto the shoulder for an added detail.

The finished dress was even more comfortable than I imagined! I was so happy to pull it on, and notice that it, even combined with the slip, required no tugging or pulling. The dress even takes accessories well, and I’ll show you an outfit based on it on Friday. I’ll also style up my hoodless version of our Hooded Dress, so stay tuned!

Until next time.



Winter Accessories Looks

This week, I planned to talk about gloves and scarves, and nothing more, but I guess we all know what happens to best-laid plans. They may not always fail, but behind them, there’s a human who gets caught up in ideas. You see, Monday was really cold and grey. I needed a pick-me-up, and figured you would, too. For that reason, I decided to write a quick tutorial on how to make a blanket coat! The tutorial will be free on the blog from now until eternity, and I do hope you’ll take advantage of it. Today, we’ll be returning to planned schedule, and looking at winter accessories.


Scarves are an easy way to bring warmth to any outfit. They go with everything, and work for any occasion. For the first look, I wanted to pair winter accessories with a corset. Choosing a corset was pretty easy: I have one with green details and lining that matches my green Lune. The outfit came together quickly and painlessly, but… well, we all know what corsets feel like when it’s been a while since you’ve been in one.

If we ignore what this outfit felt like, I have to say that I like the way it looks. I’ve always loved the combination of long hems and corsets, and my green Lune adds a unique element to the look. I wore it thrown over my chest to conceal bare shoulders. This way, it gives way to the lacing at the back, and won’t end up tangled up in hair. Though the scarf doesn’t necessarily look like it, it does bring a lot of warmth to this look.


Winter accessories are an easy way to change the mood of a dress. With the second look, I chose to use Jane’s Dress. I seriously love this dress, and plan to make another one once I stumble onto the right fabric. For this look, purple knits seemed appropriate. Mu purple Lune and fingerless Lovelace Gloves match beautifully in color, and I often wear them together. This sleeveless dress is starting to be a bit too cold to wear as is. Adding gloves, even fingerless, and a scarf add a lot of warmth to it. And the best part about winter accessories is that you can easily remove them if you get hot!

This look proved to be really comfortable, and I will most definitely wear it someday. The purple winter accessories look lovely with Jane’s Dress, and bat earrings push it closer to my own personal style. Along with the run-away strand of hair that seems to have escaped my bun.

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s outfit post!

Until next time.



Lee’s Dress Looks

As you may have noticed, I missed a post on Tuesday. This was due to a sudden but not-so-serious illness: I woke up on Sunday with a sore throat, and saw it best to take some time off work. Resting for a couple of days seems to have taken care of my horrid flu, and I’m on the mend. Still coughing up bits of brain and feeling woozy, but that I can live with. Today, I’m feeling well enough to give you a few ideas on how to wear a kimono dress! Lee’s Dress, our featured product for this week, was launched last Friday, and features elements of oriental fashion. I seriously love this dress, but styling it quickly proved a bit challenging. With such a strong look, this dress can be picky about accessories.

Grey Lace

I made Lee’s Dress with a light faux silk. Though it isn’t see-through, I like to wear another layer under it. The fabric feels light and delicate, and somehow flimsy. Adding a petticoat gives the dress more coverage and warmth. I actually made a new one to compliment Lee’s Dress. I took a piece of light, elastic poly satin, you know, the kind of fabric slips are made of, and sewed a strip of grey lace onto it. A few seams and an elastic band turned it into a petticoat that goes beautifully with Lee’s Dress. For this look, I wore a strip of grey lace as a belt. I used a brooch to secure it, and chose grey heels to compliment the shades of grey in this look.

Silver Details

For the second look, I wanted to turn Lee’s Dress in a more casual direction. This dress can feel really fancy, and I wanted to show you how to wear a kimono dress in a relaxed, fun way. I like to wear Lee’s Dress with a belt mainly because it has a seam at the waist. Covering up seams is one of my favorite hobbies, so… For this look, I chose an elastic belt with a silver buckle. This is both comfy and casual, and helps tone the dress down. I chose silver jewelry for this look, and continued the theme with silver heels. To achieve an effortless look, I wore my hair down. It needs dye just as desperately as I need tights that don’t have runners!

This look is perfect for casual parties with friends, or even a dinner date. I’d totally wear this out without changing a single detail. Except maybe tights…

I hope you’ve enjoyed my ideas on how to wear a kimono dress.

Until next time.



Lee’s Dress

Last weekend, I went to London to see Garbage play at Brixton Academy. The trip exhausted me a bit, so instead of pushing out a proper blog post for Tuesday, I updated this one in order to make it appear a bit more like a proper tutorial. Now I don’t know how well I did, but I do hope it’ll offer aid in transforming dresses. And speaking of dresses, I made a new one for London. It’s inspired by traditional Japanese fashion, made with faux silk (or real one if you so choose), and launched today! Here’s Lee’s Dress, a kimono dress that’s ridiculously easy to sew!

I found the fabric for Lee’s Dress around Christmas. It refused to tell me what it wanted to be when it grew up, so I planned to sew it into a wrap skirt, a wrap dress, a sleeveless dress with a waterfall neckline, a circle top, and even loose pants. The fabric refused all my ideas, and then, all of a sudden, it announced its desire to become a kimono dress. I said good heavens, that certainly took you long enough, and set to work.

The idea of creating a kimono-inspired dress has been bugging me for a while now. I love the shape of a kimono-collar and the loose, square sleeves but using those elements in a modern design was a bit scary. Luckily, a quick trip around the internet proved that kimono-inspired dresses have been around for quite a while without really offending anyone. Lee’s Dress was born pretty quickly after that. I wanted the dress to have a perfect fit, and spent two days measuring and re-measuring and over-thinking it. Finally, I’d gathered up enough courage to cut the dress and to sew it. And lo and behold, it turned out perfect! The only thing I altered was adding darts the back of the bodice. Other than that, everything fit exactly as planned, and I wore Lee’s Dress out to dinner on Friday night.

In London.

Lee’s Dress is designed with a kimono collar, and empire waist, an A-lined hem sewn with panels, and a short zipper in the center back seam. Long, loose sleeves can be gathered with ribbons, and worn either short or long. This dress is best made with non-elastic materials, but the more I think about it, the more I believe that a slightly stretchy fabric would work, too. An elastic satin, for example, would be a good choice for Lee’s Dress. Jerseys, on the other hand, are too floppy for this dress. Choosing a high quality non-elastic material will make Lee’s Dress look classy and smart and, let’s face it, more expensive.

Lee’s Dress will be on sale for all VIPs through next week, so if you haven’t already, now’s a good time to join our mailing list to gain access to all sorts of special offers.

I hope you’ll enjoy our brand new kimono dress sewing pattern!

Until next time.