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Wide Sleeved Cardigan

Soft, red yarn turned to rib and simple lace, and the combination made way for a unique cardigan. Our Wide Sleeved Cardigan Knitting Pattern is easy to work, and a relatively quick knit. With interesting details, it’s a delight to work and wear.

wide sleeved cardigan knitting pattern, image four

The model cardigan is made with a self-patterning yarn. This gave the cardigan a unique colorization. The style works with single-toned yarns as well as with self-striping products. With so many yarn options, you’re sure to be able to find your favourite. The cardigan calls for sport weight yarn, which comes in many colours and textures. The model cardigan is made with a wool-polyamide -yarn, but feel free to use cotton or alpaca instead. Whichever yarn you pick, this style will love it. Just make certain the gauge matches!

The wide sleeved cardigan knitting pattern features a low-cut neckline and a large collar. This gives the knit a decadent feel. With flared sleeves and a dropped shoulder line, this cardigan is delightfully different. A cropped hem makes it easy to pair the cardigan with various outfits. It works well with short dresses, and looks fabulous paired with skinny jeans and knee-high boots. Though the cardigan in itself doesn’t bear options for alteration, you can spruce it up by pairing it with a number of versatile outfits and your favourite accessories.

The wide sleeved cardigan is worked in the flat. It combines 2×2 rib and simple lace. The alteration of two basic knit surfaces makes the pattern quick and easy to work with, and creates an interesting look. As an added detail, the sleeves have a narrow picot edge. This means you’re going to need a bit of crochet skills as well! The pattern is easy to work with, and it suits both beginners and those of us who love to knit while binging on our fav TV-shows.

I hope you’ll enjoy our Wide Sleeved Cardigan Knitting Pattern.

Until next Wednesday.



red cardigan with large collar and bell sleeves, image two

Heather’s Basic Blazer

Filet crochet is one of my favourite crochet techniques. It’s easy, quick to master, and lovely to look at. Its versatility never ceases to amaze me. Filet crochet can be used for curtains, table runners, accessories, and many kinds of garments. I chose it to feature in my crochet cardigan called Heather’s Basic Blazer.


I like pieces of clothing that are easy to mix and match. Especially cardigans should work with everything in your closet. This basic style works wonders with skirts and dresses, and compliments looks built around trousers. The only thing that can clash with this cardigan is its colour. I’ve sorted out that problem by making two: one in basic black, and one in petrol blue. The blue version is actually made with a combination of two yarns. A light, upcycled acrylic in petrol blue, and a satin finished black yarn also upcycled. The combo of two textures and colours left a unique finish, and made the blue cardigan decadently heavy. I’ve often heard that one shouldn’t mix different weights and finishes, but I think it’s a way to add detail to a basic garment. I recommend playing around with yarns. After all, crocheting should be fun and rewarding.

FiletCrochetCardigan -blue

The black version is made with basic cotton. I chose to use upcycled materials for both black and blue crochet cardigan. You can find a short tute on how to salvage yarn here, but feel free to use freshly bought yarn or something from your stash instead. This crochet cardigan works with any kind of sport weight yarn. As long as the gauge matches, you’re good to go!

Both these cardigans have quickly become my absolute favourites. They’re easy to pair, comfy to wear, and offer the right amount of warmth to casual outfits. With a sleek shape, they’re even nice to wear under winter coats!


I hope you’ll enjoy the Heather’s Basic Blazer crochet pattern!

Until next Wednesday.