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It’s new year, and I truly hope yours got off to a better start than mine. We had a bit of a disaster with our website, had to resort to a backup which dated to last July, and lost all blog post from the past six months in the process. Things could be a lot worse, though, so I shall take this as an opportunity to grow and learn.

Learn to update backups every once and again, that is.

To kick-off the new year (a bit late), we are launching a newsletter. Starting on Feb 3rd, if the sky doesn’t fall on us, we’ll be sending out weekly notes including news on our current mishaps going-ons, and info and special offers on fresh products. Our blog will be following along the lines of our newsletter, but by joining our mailing list, you’ll have access to discount codes and other offers. In other words, by ordering our newsletter, you’ll be making yourself a VIP.

Upon joining, you’ll also receive a little present: a discount code to be used here at The coupon will get you 20% off on one product of your choosing, and you can spend it anytime. The coupon won’t expire, so feel free to save it for later.

You can join up here, or by filling out the box on the sidebar.

During the next few weeks, I hope, we’ll be launching new products as well. A super-easy, super-cute jersey dress will probably be first. I’m thinking about creating more dress styles with viscose jersey, just because they’re so easy and comfy to wear. These will most likely become a part of our Pretty Basic styles.

We also have a knitting pattern on the way. The pattern needs proof-reading, and it will be sent out to be tested soon. Naming the pattern took a long, long time, and I only came up with the name three nights ago. These intricate gloves are called Lovelace. They will soon be followed by a sister-pattern called Purlace.

I’ve also been working on something a bit more challenging. I had a bit of red wool fabric stashed, and a bit of lace, and together, they wanted to be…

Well, I’ll tell you more about that later.

I hope you all have had a lovely beginning of the year.

Until next time!



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