Short-Sleeved Styles

November is a really dark month here in Finland. It hasn’t yet snowed, and the sun comes up for only seven hours per day. That number will go down every day until Christmas, so I hope you’ll understand why this and next weeks photos are a bit darker than usual! I usually take photos during daylight hours, but in cloudy November, it’s a bit impossible. So today, we’ll take a look at short-sleeved styles with a touch of sepia tones. I actually wanted to use the same top for both outfits just to show you how versatile basic garments can be.


Last summer, I think it was, I shared a tutorial on how to make a crinkle skirt. I haven’t worn mine much, but I do love the way it looks. For today’s first look, I paired The Crinkle Skirt up with my frilly petticoat, and a short sleeved blouse I got from a flea market. It’s a quite basic H&M blouse made with elastic material. It doesn’t look like much, but it does go beautifully with all kinds of skirts. I’m actually thinking about getting another one, and modding it by adding a bit of ruffles… Basic tops are, after all, the easiest ones to modify.

This look is really comfy, and pretty simple. As such, it can be worn pretty much anywhere. I’ve worn a similar outfit to a bar, a shopping spree, and for just visiting friends.


With short-sleeved styles, one often thinks about summer. You can, though, rock short-sleeved tops during the winter as well. Pair them up with detachable sleeves, cardigans, and long gloves for a warmer look, or just rely on the fact that houses are often pretty warm. For this look, I paired the H&M blouse with our Victorian Skirt, and my BloodStain Corselet. This is the kind of outfit I would gladly wear out anytime. I love this skirt, and the corselet with its velvet print is just divine. This look, despite consisting of layers of long hems and a corset, is surprisingly comfortable, and does look very much like me.

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s short-sleeved styles.

Until next time.



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