Short Skirt Looks

On Tuesday, I showed you what I did to a pair of H&M booties. Today, I wanted to feature them in a post, and it turned out… well, a bit different from usual. We have legs, we have hair, we have corsets and see-through tops, so here’s today’s short skirt looks!


See-through tops were all the rage in the nineties. That was also the time of the “too short skirt”. For the first look, I combined the two, and actually kinda liked it.

A couple of years back, I made a tight little velvet skirt out of a dress I didn’t like. The skirt is actually nearly knee-length, but I like to wear it scrunched up. That way, it settles on me nicer, and loses its desire to climb. I paired it up with a printed mesh top I got from a flea market eons ago. The top is grey, which I can live with, has ruffle sleeves I really like, but sports a lacing at the front. A while back, I realized that since the top has raglan sleeves, and is therefore completely symmetrical, I can just wear it backwards. I have no issues with a laced up back, so that’s exactly what I did with this look.

I really like this look, and would gladly wear it out. Also, I’d like to point out what the combination of short skirt and high heels does to one’s legs!


We carry a sewing tutorial I haven’t said a single word about. This week, I actually noted that it was only listed on Craftsy! That explains why I’ve managed to completely overlook it, and today, after listing The Tutu Sewing Tutorial, I wanted to feature it in an outfit.

I made my tutu with a metallic mesh, and have not worn it once. This skirt looks a-ma-zing, and is pretty easy to create, too. It is super short, though, so be certain to wear micros with it!

For this look, I paired my silvery tutu with my zip-up corset, micros that match the waist band, and my new sky-high heels.

This over-the-top look is something I really would love to wear, but where to? A costume party, probably, or maybe a New Year’s Do. If you have ideas of an appropriate venue for this look, leave me a comment.

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s short skirt looks.

Until next time.



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