Heather Wielding Designs offers a selection of unique, hand-drafted sewing patterns, along with a variety of knitting and crochet patterns. Ranging from cute dress patterns to corsets and steampunk-inspired dresses, we aim to please a wide variety of valued customers. Many of our designs bear elements of dark fashion, but with subtle elegance. Our most beloved products are basic dresses and skirts with Gothic-inspired details. These classic styles are often designed especially for petite beauties.

Sewing Patterns


Our sewing patterns are unique, and hand-drafted. They are only available in digital format. Printing the patterns is quick and easy: just open the pdf-file and click print. Our patterns are optimized for easy printing, and edited to fit modern standards. We hope you'll enjoy our cute dress patterns and darkly inclined designs!

Knitting Patterns


Our knitting patterns favor soft, warm yarns, and simple elegance. Shrugs and accessories are our absolute favorites, along with cropped sweaters and warm cardigans. We aim to create easy-to-create designs with eye-catching details that can be worn everyday, and paired with numerous outfits. As the development of environmentally friendly fashion is dear to us, many of our designs are created using upcycled yarn. All of them can be knit with fresh yarn if preferred, but we hope to inspire our customers to take advantage of recycled materials. We hope you'll enjoy our quick-to-make knitting patterns!

Crochet Patterns


Our crochet patterns are easy, simple, and elegant. We love filet crochet best of all, and use it to create effortless designs with flowing lines. We like to take full advantage of upcycled yarn with our crochet patterns as well, but feel free to use anything that matches the gauge. With our crochet creations, versatility is a key element. We like to offer garments that can be worn in many different ways, making it easier to mix and match our designs. We hope you'll enjoy our versatile crochet patterns!