Red and Black Party Looks

Today, I wanted share two red and black party looks. Both of these styles are perfect for Christmas celebrations, and there’s still time to sew a new dress or skirt for the Holidays.


For the first look, I wanted to use a jersey top I got from a flea market earlier this fall. The top is pretty basic, but has an interesting and flattering neckline. It was a little bit loose, so I took it in at the waist. The technique was so basic and well-known I didn’t even bother to make a tutorial about it.

I paired the top with our Lace Skirt. This is a non-elastic, fully lined Pretty Basic. It goes beautifully with basic tops, and adds a bit of elegance to both parties and ordinary days. The skirt comes with a detachable sash, which I personally wear more than the actual skirt… For this look, I wore The Lace Skirt with its sash to gain a high-waist style. I think it looks really nice with this top, and if I were to spend Christmas at Mom’s and Dad’s, I’d most definitely wear this!


For the second of today’s red and black party looks, I chose to go with Lee’s Dress. I love how comfy this dress is, and am contemplating on making another one with this pattern. Lee’s Dress was inspired by kimonos, and I made mine with faux silk. This dress features a kimono collar, adjustable sleeves, and an A-lined hem. The waist sits just below the bust, so this dress is super-comfy even if you plan eat a little too much at a Christmas feast. Finns always do that, so it’s quite important to wear clothes with room for the food!

To make Lee’s Dress more Christmasy, I added the red lace sash. I tied it around the dress’s waist, and secured it with a semi-bow. To make the look even more party-appropriate, I rolled my hair into a French twist.

I really like this look, and might wear it this Christmas even though we plan on staying home. There’s nothing to stop me from putting on a pretty dress despite that!

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s red and black party looks!

Until next time.



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