Tutu Drafting Tutorial


Want to make a tutu? I’ll help! This drafting tutorial will walk you through the process of making a tulle tutu for everyday wear.
… well OK, maybe not everyday.


Originally, the tutu was created for the world of classical ballet. Making a real tutu is a process few master, but turning a tutu into a modern garment… well, that’s not so difficult.

This tutorial will guide you through layers of tulle, and help you create a tutu-esque skirt in your own size. With the tutorial, you’ll be able to create a super-puffy tutu for Halloween, or a bit more modest tulle-skirt for everyday wear. The fully illustrated tutorial also includes a few tips on modifying a basic tutu for different uses.

The tutorial is written in Finnish and English, all in the same .pdf-file (dl size 6Mb). Note, that this tutorial does not include a pattern, but will help you make your own.

Skills Required

  • using your sewing machine
  • taking measurements