Pretty Basic Spaghetti Strap Top


Spaghetti strap tops are classic, cute, and easy to sew. Our style comes embellished with lace!


The Spaghetti Strap Top is best made with viscose jersey. You can also use cotton jersey, or even lace. Be sure to choose a light weight material for this top.

The Spaghetti Strap Top is a versatile thing. It can be worn as a cami, on its own, or over light long-sleeved T-shirts. Sew the top with single toned fabrics for a chic look, pick wild prints for a fun, everyday style, and take advantage of ruffled fabrics to create a funky street style. Don’t forget to use your imagination when embellishing the top!

The Pretty Basic Spaghetti Strap Top comes in five sizes, 32-40. All sizes are included in the download (dl size 1,5Mt). The download includes a pdf-pattern sheet, and written instructions for cutting and sewing. Since this is a Pretty Basic style, the instructions do not include a photo tutorial.

You’ll need to have basic knowledge of garment construction and of working with pdf-patterns to easily create this style. Techniques used are beginner-friendly.


  • 32: Bust 28.3, Waist 24.4, Back length 13
  • 34: Bust 29.9, Waist 25.9, Back length 13.7
  • 36: Bust 31.4, Waist 27.5, Back length 14.5
  • 38: Bust 33, Waist 29.1, Back length 15.3
  • 40: Bust 34.6, Waist 30.7, Back length 16.1

Materials and equipment needed

  • 60″ wide jersey, one length + 10 inches
  • a bit of elastic lace
  • bra straps (optional)
  • serger and sewing machine
  • printer, paper, and tape for putting the pattern together
  • notions you like to use when sewing