Pretty Basic Jersey Top


Made with elastic fabrics, a basic jersey top is quick to finish. Easy to pair with just about anything, basics are key-elements in any wardrobe.


Basic tops are pretty much the basis of any wardrobe. Our Pretty Basic Jersey Top Sewing Pattern is slim-fit, and features a double-bound neckline.

Made with elastic fabric, such as viscose or cotton jersey, a basic jersey top can be paired with nearly anything. Switching fabrics from jersey to elastic lace makes a basic top suitable for parties. Versatility is what makes basics so popular. Our basic top features a neckline bound double with a bit of lace, and sleeves that can be modified by altering length and the choice for hemming. By lengthening the hem, you can make this basic jersey top pattern work even as a dress of a tunic.

Our sewing pattern is available in sizes 32-40 (all are included in the download sized 1,8Mt). Within your download, you’ll find a pdf-pattern sheet, and a fully illustrated tutorial for sewing. The tutorial is written in Finnish and English, all in the same file.

Sizing / Finished Measurements:

  • 32: shoulder width 12.5, bust 29.1, waist 25.1, hip 29.1, circumference of sleeve on upper arm 10.2, length from shoulder 18.8
  • 34: shoulder width 13.3, bust 30.7, waist 26.7, hip 30.7, circumference of sleeve on upper arm 11, length from shoulder 19.6
  • 36: shoulder width 14.1, bust 32.2, waist 28.3, hip 32.2, circumference of sleeve on upper arm 11.8, length from shoulder 20.4
  • 38: shoulder width 14.9, bust 33.8, waist 29.9, hip 33.8, circumference of sleeve on upper arm 12.5, length from shoulder 21.2
  • 40: shoulder width 15.7, bust 35.4, waist 31.3, hip 35.4, circumference of sleeve on upper arm 13.3, length from shoulder 22


  • 60″ wide elastic fabric, 24″ up
  • at least 24″ of wide elastic lace trim
  • serger

You Will Also Need:

  • printer, paper, and tape for the pattern
  • notions you like to use when sewing