Lune is a beginner-friendly knitting pattern for a crescent scarf. Worked in garter stitch, this style is super-easy and suits both him and her.


Lune is a striped crescent scarf worked entirely in garter stitch. It’s made with sport weight yarn, and is entirely beginner-friendly.

Lune is worked with large needles. It’s quick and easy to make, and the classic style can be worn by both men and women. Lune is long yet narrow, and has a crochet edging. Lune can be made with stripes or in one tone only. Worked monochrome, Lune becomes completely reversible.

The pattern is written for a scarf of medium size. The black and green model scarf has a wingspan of 67 inches. It’s 13 inches high on the widest part. You can easily modify the size of the scarf to make it larger or smaller.

Lune is designed for sport weight yarn. You can use any kind of yarn for this as long as the gauge matches. I recommend choosing a soft material, though. Worn close to the face, scarves need to be as soft as possible. Alpaca- and merino blends are a nice choice for Lune.

To create Lune, you’ll need at least 180 grams of sport weight yarn in two colors (90 grams each), a circular needle in size 5mm/ US8, a crochet hook of the same size, and a tapestry needle for weaving in ends. The pattern includes a few tips on how you can mod the original design, one of them being a shell edge to give the scarf a more feminine vibe.

Materials needed

  • 180 grams of sport weight yarn in two colors (90 grams each)
  • circular needle size 5mm/ US8
  • crochet hook size 5mm/ US 8