Lacy Shawl and Wristlets


Lacy and light, this simple shawl will add to any outfit. Knit Your own with any kind of yarn!


Light and airy, yet still warm. This shawl will keep You warm, and matching wristlets will perfect Your outfit.

The shawl is knit from the neck down, so it’s easy to increase its size. You can knit it as small or as large as You choose. Thanks to large needles and soft yarn, this set is quick to finish. The set is very easy to create, so it’s suitable for beginners as well as those of us who like to watch TV while knitting.

For this project, gauge isn’t relevant: You decide the size of the shawl as the project grows.


  • Novita Rose Mohair (or Novita Rose) 150 g ->
  • circular needle 5mm
  • crochet hook 4mm

Preferred Brand/Yarn:

Novita Rose Mohair/ Novita Rose (Aran weight, 100 grams = 189 meters/207 yards)