Garter Petticoat


Slipping socks? Legwarmers bunched up around the ankle? No more! Our easy-to-create sewing pattern will allow you to create a Garter Petticoat to fix the leg-wear problem for good.


Winter and short skirts are a lethal combo. Pairing them with over-knees and leg warmers doesn’t help much: long footwear has a tendency of sliding. To fix this issue, I came up with the idea to add garters to a hip-hugging petticoat. This way, you get an extra layer of warmth, and socks that stay put. Our Garter Petticoat Sewing Pattern is a cute solution to one of life’s small problems.

This tight-fitting petticoat is made with stretchy fabric. For the model skirt, I chose a sturdy cotton jersey, which I trust to be the best choice. It’s long-lasting, comfortable, and pretty easy to work with. The garter petticoat has an angular shape, which brings vintage lingerie to mind. Hemmed with elastic lace, the petticoat will look pretty under circle skirts.

The petticoat is available in sizes 32-40, and has a very narrow fit. Double-check your measurements before cutting, and take negative ease into careful consideration! You’ll find all of the sizes on a pdf-pattern sheet within your download (zip-file size 1,1Mt), along with an illustrated tutorial for sewing. The tutorial is written in Finnish and English, all in the same file.

Sizing / Finished Measurements:

  • 32: waist 23.6, hip 31.3, side length 11
  • 34: waist 25.1, hip 33, side length 11.8
  • 36: waist 26.7, hip 34.6, side length 12.5
  • 38: waist 28.3, hip 36.2, side length 13.3
  • 40: waist 29.9, hip 37.7, side length 14.9


  • 20″ of 40″ wide stretchy fabric
  • approx 38″ of elastic lace or underwear elastic
  • waist’s length of regular elastic
  • four garters

You Will Also Need:

  • serger/sewing machine
  • printer, paper, and tape for putting the pattern together
  • notions you like to use when sewing