Embroidered Corselet


Waist corselets are a lovely way to both enhance the waist, and to add drama to any outfit. This one is made with elastic fabrics to ensure a comfortable, figure-hugging fit.


Elastic, embroidered corselet with light plastic boning is an ideal choice for the days You want to look stunning, but feel comfortable. This light-weight, one layer waist corselet features decorative embroidery, contrasting bone channels, and button closure.

The download zip-file includes a pdf-pattern sheet, and a fully illustrated tutorial for cutting and sewing your corselet. The tutorial is written in Finnish and English, all in the same file.

Sizing / Finished Measurements:

S: Waist 25,6/ 65 cm, top edge 29/74 cm, bottom edge 33/84 cm, front length 9,8/25cm
M: Waist 28,3/72 cm, top edge 32,2/82 cm, bottom edge 36/92 cm, front length 10,6/27 cm
L: Waist 32,2/80 cm, top edge 34,6/88 cm, bottom edge 38,6/98 cm, front length 11,4/29 cm


  • stretchy fabric (60″/150 cm wide), and contrasting cotton, less than half a yard of both
  • rigilene tape for boning
  • six to ten buttons, preferably with shanks
  • two kinds of thread to match your fabrics

You Will Also Need:

  • sewing machine
  • printer and paper for the pattern
  • pins and other notions you like to use