Cabled Wristlets and Gloves


A perfect gift for Yourself or someone dear, these cabled gloves are easy to knit and lovely to wear.


As winter comes, our hands get chilly. These beautiful cabled wristlets can easily be turned into gloves or even mittens, and are sure to keep Your hands warm.

Novita’s discontinued Rose Mohair was my favourite yarn. In Finland, one can still find some on sales and flea markets. I made the yellow wristlets with Rose Mohair, and the black gloves with its substitute, Rose. Both yarns are Aran-weight, and of equal yardage, so You can use either. Also, any kind of yarn of the same weight and yardage will do. The yellow wristlets took less than one ball (approx 35 grams) of yarn, and the black gloves nearly a full ball, which is 50 grams. The gloves are a bit on the narrow side, especially made with my tight knitting, but the knit fabric will give quite a lot. In order to gain a larger size, use bigger needles. Also, the style of Your knitting will affect the size.

The pattern includes instructions on how to knit both fingerless wristlets, and full gloves. It has written instructions, and a cable chart. The pattern is written in Finnish and English, all in the same pdf-file.


  • yarn (recommendation Novita Rose or Rose Mohair, 50 grams)
  • double pointed needles 4mm(US6)

Preferred Brand/Yarn:

Novita Rose/ Novita Rose mohair (Aran, 100 grams = 189 meters/ 207 yards)