Party Looks

December is the time of parties, both big and small. I personally prefer the small ones, and wanted to dedicate today’s posts for party looks. Both of these styles are pretty casual, so they’re perfect for informal get-togethers with family and friends. They both feature the same petticoat, but are pretty different in other aspects.


A while back, I introduced you to Daisy’s Dress. This two-toned little number is pretty easy to sew (if you’re not intimidated by elastic velvet) and fun to wear. I made mine with black lycra and flower print velvet. Today, I wanted to use Daisy’s Dress as the base for the first of our party looks. I paired the dress up with a frilly petticoat, and black tights. The dress, being made with two fabrics, has a seam at the waist. To conceal it, I took an elastic belt, and wore it backwards so that its buckle wouldn’t draw attention to itself.

Since it is starting to get a bit chilly, I wore a light cotton scarf with the dress. Long rectangular scarves are really easy to just sort of drape on, and wrap into when needed.

This look turned out quite cute with all of its subtle details, but I still prefer the next one more!


For today’s second look, I went with my Spaghetti Strap Dress. I made this using a Spaghetti Strap Top and a Jersey Skirt which I chopped at the knee. As a result of morphing these two together, I got a super-comfy dress that’s ridiculously easy to both wear and accessorize. This is the kind of dress that works for any occasion. The design is classic and versatile, and I don’t think there is a dress on this world that takes accessories better.

I wore my Spaghetti Strap Dress over a long-sleeved mesh top and my frilly petticoat. To conceal the seam at the waist, I wore my elastic belt, adjusting the buckle to the side. Off-center, the buckle creates a detail a bit more interesting.

This is the kind of look I really wear. It’s easy, it’s basic, it comes with no window for malfunction. And it’s black.

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s party looks.

Until next time.



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