New Dress! … or two

Not everything I sew turns out as a pattern, or even a tutorial. I make loads of things just for me, sometimes without a pattern, sometimes as heavily modded versions of our designs. Today, I wanted to show you something I made during the summer. A new dress never goes amiss, so here’s two just for the fun of it!

It’s a Wrap

Lately, I’ve been really into wrap dresses. They’re easy to wear, and fun to sew. They’ve also been fashionable lately, so I guess I got influenced by advertising. Luckily, the wrap dress is a classic that never goes out of style. I made this version with light, elastic satin in two colors.

I used our Sleeveless Wrap Dress Pattern as a guide for this dress. I did modify the pattern quite a bit, though, adding sleeves and a red panel to the hem. Originally, I thought I’d use buttons to close this dress, but that didn’t work out as planned. That solution felt not-so-secure, like the dress could pop open at any minute, and also didn’t look that pretty. To make the closure more secure, I took the buttons out, and replaced them with chiffon belts. That felt a lot nicer, and the belts do add a cute detail.

For this look, I wore the dress with my in-progress shoe modding project, and red and black jewellery. This outfit is really cute, and I’m so wearing it out first chance I get!


By now, you probably know my relationship with colors. Therefore, this next new dress is a little bit… surprising.

It’s orange.

What happened was that I went to the fabric store with Mom. She refuses to believe that I don’t wear colors, and pretty much forced a not-black fabric on me. I do love this shade of orange, and the black print tones it down a bit.

Deciding on a pattern took forever. I wanted to turn this see-through georgette into a light, flowing dress or blouse. Unfortunately, there wasn’t that much of it. After a long time of pondering, I decided to take the idea behind Amanda’s Dress, and turn it into a sleeved direction. I also decided to add some black georgette to the mix. The sleeves are pretty basic puff sleeves made with black fabric, and the back has a black panel topped with a black bow. All in all, this thing is super-cute, and I will wear it to the next family party come hell or high water.

For this look, I wore my orange number with a black spaghetti strap dress under it, and a long chiffon sash as a belt. This outfit is totally cute, and I do reckon it would be Mom-approved, too.

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s post!

Until next time.



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