Let’s Make… Granny Square to Cardigan

Once upon a time I found a black cotton sweater from a flea market. I made sure it wasn’t serged together, bought it, and asked it what it wanted to be.
It proudly claimed to want to be a granny square.
I hardly ever say no to fabrics and yarn, so I started a granny square.
 By the time I’d reached row six, the former sweater said it actually really wanted to be a cardigan.
Fine, I said, and added armholes on row nine.
The yarn was happy, and I crocheted along for seven evenings.
The process turned into a free pattern, and…
 … a humongous cardigan.
 This is pretty much a square with sleeves you can wrap around yourself any way you like.
 I added a shell edge to my black version a while back to give it a more decadent look.
 With a tall enough collar, the edge doubles as a hood. Which is really nice during the winter when it’s cold-cold-cold.
Naturally, I wanted another one. This time, I found a red sweater that wanted to be something else. The yarn was a bit thicker, and the finished cardigan is stiffer and less flowing than the black one. Also, it came out a bit small.
 It works well with the collar down, and it nice and warm.
But if I flip it upside down…
 … I get a shorter hem and a large hood!
These cardigans are versatile, comfortable, and warm. They’re like a portable safety blanket with a purpose.
 The pattern is available for free on Ravelry, Craftsy, and heatherwielding.com. I hope you enjoy it!
Until next Wednesday.


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