Last week, I promised to show you my Halloween costume. And today I will! We had a small party on Saturday, and I was super happy to see all our guests in costume. I set a cartoon theme, and went as…


Death is a fictional character from The Sandman comic book series. She was created by Neil Gaiman, and inspired by Cinamon Hadley.

Going as Death was both the obvious and the easy choice. I wanted a costume that would be quick to put together and comfortable to wear. I also wanted to pay tribute to Neil Gaiman, who is one of my favorite authors.

For this look, I chose to wear a very stretchy pencil skirt and a spaghetti strap top, and accessorized with fabric gloves, an ankh, and a studded belt. The most distinguishable feature of Death’s look is the mark under her right eye. This I drew on using an eye pencil since it was the easiest option.

I was pretty happy with this Halloween costume. This look was super comfy, and I only got one “who are you” -question all night!

No Disco

We had another party to go to on Friday. Once or twice a year, our local pub throws a Gothic party called No Disco. The event is always a must-go, so I put on a pretty dress, made sure my roots weren’t showing, and went out. I wore a short dress made with satin finished elastic cotton over a frilly petticoat and a ruffle-sleeved mesh top. I added a bit of dark pink to my nails two weeks ago, and I’ve been stuck with that as an accent color ever since. To stick with the theme, I wore black fishnets over purple socks. I love the effect this creates, and often sport layered leg wear. During the winter, this trick actually adds a tiny bit of warmth to short skirt looks!

This is going to be this week’s only blog post, but I promise more dress looks and all sorts of fun for the upcoming weeks before Black Friday – pre-Christmas – end of the year – sale goes live for not only VIPs, but everyone!

Until next time.



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