Favorite Looks From 2018

Today, I went to the internet, and saw Black Friday Sale ads everywhere. So I decided that instead of Friday, our preChristmas Sale starts NOW! From now until the end of this year, you’ll see a very annoying pop-up on our site to remind you to take advantage of our discount code. By using the code HWD-ANYTHING-15, you’ll get 15% off on everything in our collection. Sale ends by January 1st, 2019, so you have plenty of time to shop for both Basics, and not-so-basics. Today, I wanted to share some of my favorite looks from the past year to remind you of some of our patterns.


This year, we’ve pushed out sadly few knitting patterns. I dare say Violets on Stripes is the only one! Next year, this will change, hopefully, since we have two knitting patterns in the making, and more in design.

This look featuring Violets on Stripes and our Jersey Dress is the comfiest outfit I have worn in a long time. The cute little cardigan is really warm and soft, and The Jersey Dress fits like a glove. I remember being super happy about this look on photo day, and totally love the way it looks.

Violets on Stripes is, as you see, a cropped cardigan. It’s worked up from the hem, so you can knit it as long as you like, and embellished with crochet flowers. This thing is pretty unique, but can easily be toned down.

Dark and Comfy

Lee’s Dress was launched in early fall, and quickly became one of my favorites. This Kimono-inspired dress features adjustable sleeves, an A-lined hem, and a fitted empire waist. It’s best made with non-elastic materials. I used a faux silk for mine, and am thinking about making another one with something else. I’d like to try a fabric that’s a little bit thicker just to see how it falls.

For this look, I wore Lee’s Dress with minimal accessories. I chose an elastic belt to hide the waist seam with, and silvery heels to give the look a touch of color. This look is seriously comfortable, and I’ve actually worn it out. I don’t think if it was to any place special, but I do recall feeling very happy about my outfit! 


This dress was born right around the time I got married. At that time, I was pretty stressed out about what to wear on my special day (it’s really not that special if you do it for the second time, and only go to the registry office) and ended up making a bunch of dresses to choose from. I ended up wearing Mary’s Dress, and this one, Jane’s Dress, is its sister. Both of these dresses come with an empire waist and an A-lined hem. Jane’s Dress is a bit more casual, and sports a hood lined with contrast color. For this look, I wore it with a red sash that quarrels a bit with the hood’s lining. Despite that, I love this one of these favorite looks. There’s something innocent and mysterious about it, and it’s seriously comfy, too.


This look is from March, I think, and features three of our Basics: Spaghetti Strap Top, Jersey Skirt, and Lace Top. This is by far my number one pick of today’s favorite looks, and I would gladly wear it anywhere. I can’t right now, though, because I turned this skirt and top into a dress, and shortened the hem.

I’m hoping fabrics are on sale after Christmas, or that Santa brings me some materials ’cause I’d kinda like to have long Jersey Skirt again! ;D
I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s collection of my favorite looks. Don’t forget to take advantage of our sale (you only have until New Year’s Day, so be quick), and I will see you next time!

Until then.



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