As the New Year begins, many of us feel the need to change things around a bit. This year, I decided to make a resolution, too. You see, lately, I’ve felt a touch stressed out with blogging. Writing two posts a week takes a surprisingly large amount of time, and that eats away at my crafting time. I want to create new patterns, and in order to do so, I need more hours in my working days. To get them, I have decided to only post once a week. This way, I still get to enjoy blogging while gaining more time to create, and maybe even learn new things.

In other news, Craftsy has decided to scale down on indie designers. Several patterns stores owned by indies have been forced to close, and those that survived, only got to keep a small amount of their collection available through Craftsy. I was among the few that survived the cut, but my pattern store was greatly affected by this. For now, I am only allowed to offer one pattern through Craftsy. This is a huge loss of income for me, and I am obviously quite upset about it. Craftsy is a big marketplace, and it saddens me to see them disregard indies in such a cruel way.

Though some things change, some things remain the same. I will continue to publish a weekly blog post starting next Wednesday. Featured products may not be the focus point of our posts, but will still be available. Newsletters with special offers will go out every Friday, and I’ll try to get myself acquainted with Instagram stories, too. Next Wednesday (not tomorrow, but a week from now), I hope to launch an orange addition to our Pretty Basics Knits, so stay tuned!

Until then.



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