Yoked Blouse

The new year has begun, and it’s high time to get back in line. Our first featured product for 2018 is The Yoked Blouse. I just realized that for some reason, I’ve been very quiet about it. It’s one of my wardrobe staples, and I wear it all the time, so I can’t understand why! I love this blouse, and would actually like another one, only with bishop sleeves.

The Yoked Blouse is best made with two kinds of fabric. A light cotton blend for the bodice and lower sleeves, and a slightly elastic chiffon for the yoke and upper sleeves. Mixing elastic and non-elastic materials is a big no-no for some sewists, but I say go nuts. Adding a bit of stretch to a garment makes it much more comfortable, and gives it more ease. Mixing stiff cotton with light jersey won’t work, of course, but lighter cotton blends paired with chiffon with a minuscule amount of elastane is a match made in heaven.

The Yoked Blouse has super-long sleeves. They’re cut flared, and finished with a satin ribbon. This tiny detail makes the sleeves both cute and unique.

The Yoked Blouse comes, obviously, with a yoke. I wanted to create a blouse that’s both conservative and revealing. I accomplished this by using a see-through material for the yoke, while keeping the overall design simple. This style has a low mandarin collar, and a lace detail outlining the yoke.

yoked blouse sewing pattern - collar detail

While this is my favorite blouse, it’s been featured in only two outfit posts. That’s going to change next week! In the mean time, I wanted to re-share the outfits already created with it.

A cute, feminine blouse can be styled in many ways. For this look, I chose a super-wide cotton skirt with a high elastic waist. Looking at these two garments next to each other I was certain they wouldn’t look good together, but lo and behold, they rock! It’s always fun to see unexpected companions turn into a kick-ass outfit, and that totally happened here. The wide, light skirt with asymmetric hem goes beautifully with the blouse, and the belt I tied into a little bow brings the cutest element to the look.

This style was a part of warmer party looks. The Faerie Dragon Shawlette adds loads of color to the look, and makes it warm for winter.

The second look belongs to the “and this is how I wear it” -category. Most of the looks I share in the Everyday With an Edge -part of the blog aren’t exactly Me. This is, for me, an eternal dress up -game that as many as possible can enjoy and draw inspiration from. All black and all Goth would leave me with a very limited audience, so I try to tone most of the looks down a bit, or add a dab of color. This is one of the rare looks I actually wear. I love the way The Yoked Blouse plays with our Victorian Skirt and Reversible Corset, and run to this outfit on days when no dress feels just right. This style is always there to save me!

This Victorian inspired outfit features our rarely seen Yoked Blouse.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about our Yoked Blouse!

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Pretty Basic Jersey Top

Versatile and functional, basic tops are everyone’s favourite. Our version of the classic features a slim fit and a double-bound neckline. Feminine and flattering, our Pretty Basic Jersey Top Sewing Pattern is sure to suite any style of dressing.

 using patterned materials makes a basic more interesting

Fitted basic tops are best made with elastic fabrics. Patterned, striped, or solid, anything works with pretty basics. Cotton and viscose jerseys are perfect choices for everyday wear. As natural fibers they keep you cool and comfortable.

The basic patterns also work for more festive occasions. Choose an elastic lace or see-through mesh for a chic party-look, and pair a basic top with a showstopping skirt. The choice of material means the world to the basic top. Made with simple, modest fabrics, it will be a go-to -garment for busy workdays, and worked with metallic shimmer, it can spruce up a clubbing outfit.

in solids, basics are a classic

Our Pretty Basic Jersey Top Sewing Pattern features a double-bound neckline. A bit of lace makes any day more special, and creates a feminine detail for the simple garment. You can use this special finish for the hem and cuffs as well in order to create an even more delicate version of the classic top.

With a slim fit, our sewing pattern suits petite and slender beauties best of all. A narrow shoulder line and cropped hem are features that emphasize frailty which is often present in smaller ladies.

Basic tops are versatile in nature. They can be paired with pretty much anything. To help further that versatility, our sewing pattern includes a few tips as to customizing the sleeves of the basic top. And don’t forget, by lengthening the hem of the pattern, you’ll be able to make a narrow T-shirt dress.

I hope you’ll enjoy the Pretty Basic Jersey Top Sewing Pattern!

Until next Wednesday.



Pretty Basic Jersey Top Sewing Pattern 3