Yoked Blouse

Blouses come in all shapes and styles. Be it slim-fit or loose, feminine or ultra-strict, a blouse is a smart choice for any occasion. Our Yoked Blouse Sewing Pattern is a version of a classic. With a lace-trimmed yoke and translucent details, this style works best for a romantic look.

yoked blouse sewing pattern features chiffon inserts

The model blouse is made with stripe-patterned cotton, and a slightly elastic chiffon. With the combination of elastic and non-elastic materials, this style is comfortable to wear. The upper part of the sleeve is made with elastic fabric, which makes certain that the garment won’t feel constricting when worn. The elastic chiffon allows movement though the shape of the upper sleeve is quite narrow.

The seams on the sleeves are hidden with satin ribbon, and the cuff is trimmed with the same material. This gives the blouse a polished, fully finished look. The satin embellishment also adds a little shine, bringing a very subtle touch of bling to the style. You can also use lace to hide the seams and to trim the cuffs with.


This style has a relatively long hem. It is a little shorter in the front, and curves down in the back. The fit is loose, so that the blouse is comfortable to wear. You can shape the waist by simply adding darts to the back. The style is designed for petite beauties, and comes only in sizes 32-38.

With a chiffon insert at the yoke, the blouse bears a Victorian vibe. The model blouse is made with ordinary buttons, but by choosing a more extravagant design, you can easily add drama to this style. Try wearing a brooch at the collar of this blouse, or add a waist corset to the mix. This classic style also works well with jeans or even mini skirts.


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yoked blouse sewing pattern


Pretty Basic Jersey Top

Versatile and functional, basic tops are everyone’s favourite. Our version of the classic features a slim fit and a double-bound neckline. Feminine and flattering, our Pretty Basic Jersey Top Sewing Pattern is sure to suite any style of dressing.

 using patterned materials makes a basic more interesting

Fitted basic tops are best made with elastic fabrics. Patterned, striped, or solid, anything works with pretty basics. Cotton and viscose jerseys are perfect choices for everyday wear. As natural fibers they keep you cool and comfortable.

The basic patterns also work for more festive occasions. Choose an elastic lace or see-through mesh for a chic party-look, and pair a basic top with a showstopping skirt. The choice of material means the world to the basic top. Made with simple, modest fabrics, it will be a go-to -garment for busy workdays, and worked with metallic shimmer, it can spruce up a clubbing outfit.

in solids, basics are a classic

Our Pretty Basic Jersey Top Sewing Pattern features a double-bound neckline. A bit of lace makes any day more special, and creates a feminine detail for the simple garment. You can use this special finish for the hem and cuffs as well in order to create an even more delicate version of the classic top.

With a slim fit, our sewing pattern suits petite and slender beauties best of all. A narrow shoulder line and cropped hem are features that emphasize frailty which is often present in smaller ladies.

Basic tops are versatile in nature. They can be paired with pretty much anything. To help further that versatility, our sewing pattern includes a few tips as to customizing the sleeves of the basic top. And don’t forget, by lengthening the hem of the pattern, you’ll be able to make a narrow T-shirt dress.

I hope you’ll enjoy the Pretty Basic Jersey Top Sewing Pattern!

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Pretty Basic Jersey Top Sewing Pattern 3