Black and Purple Looks

Today is Black Friday, and our preChristmas Sale started a bit early, on Tuesday! Until the end of this year, you’ll see a very annoying pop-up on our site to remind you to take advantage of our discount code. By using the code HWD-ANYTHING-15, you’ll get 15% off on everything in our collection. Sale ends by January 1st, 2019, so you have plenty of time to shop for both Basics, and not-so-basics. Today, I wanted to show you a couple of outfits based quite loosely on our patterns, so let’s jump right into black and purple looks!


In the first of our black and purple looks, I wanted to show you a dress you have yet to see. I made this black dress during the summer’s heat wave, and somehow forgot about it. It’s gotten quite a bit of wear, though, since I thoroughly like it. This dress is made with a really light, translucent jersey. It has a yoke, a round neckline, and sleeves with pleated shoulders. This little number needs to be worn with another layer under it, and I usually go for a black slip. For this look, though, I paired the dress with a purple slip. To show off the beautiful color, I gathered the black dress’s hem a bit, and secured it with a brooch. I wrapped black pearls around my wrist, rolled my hair into a sock bun, and totally loved the look! This style is super-comfy, and so cute I can’t wait to wear it out.


I hung on to the purple slip for the second look. Lately, I’ve grown fond of wearing wrap dresses with contrast colored dresses. For the second of our black and purple looks, I wore our Sleeveless Wrap Dress (the modded version, that is) with said purple slip. I love how the slip offers more coverage to The Wrap Dress especially around the neckline, and a spot of color never goes amiss. The slip is a little bit too long for this dress, so I sorted the issue out with an elastic band. I took a piece of elastic, secured it around my waist, and pulled the slip over it to shorten the hem. From under another dress, no-one will be able to tell!

I really like this look, it’s comfy and cute and somehow just a little bit slutty. In the nice way, that is.

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s Black and Purple Looks!

Until next time.



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