The Tangerine Set

Last week, I promised to launch a fresh knitting pattern. I rarely make promises I can’t keep, so here it is! This one is a part of The Pretty Basic Collection, and as such, a project suitable for beginners, too. The Tangerine Set features a lazy-curve vortex scarf and top down fingerless gloves. Both items sport picots, and are worked almost entirely in knit stitches.

I like to watch films and shows while knitting. While binging on something interesting, it’s nice to pick up a knit that requires little to no concentration. A scarf worked in garter stitch is the perfect choice for such nights. The Tangerine Set is designed to be just that: a brainless knit easily worked over a season or two of Orphan Black. This set was fun to create: though it is simple and easy, little things add a subtle element of excitement to it. The scarf features a picot cast off. This requires basic crochet skills, but is relatively simple to make. The picot edge has more elasticity than a normal cast off edge, and brings a feminine detail to the scarf.

The gloves are worked top down, and sport a knit picot edge on both cast on, and cast off edges. These gloves also feature a thumb gusset, which is not that common in top down gloves. The thumb gusset makes the gloves fit beautifully, and add a tailored detail to the palm.

Both of these little details are my own innovations, and I’m happy to incorporate them both in the same pattern.

The Tangerine Set will be our featured product this week and next, and on sale for all VIPs. To gain access to special offers, just join our mailing list here. Newsletters go out once a week, every Friday at 7pm (Finnish time), and include a special discount code.

I do hope you’ll enjoy The Tangerine Set Knitting Pattern!

Until next time.




As the New Year begins, many of us feel the need to change things around a bit. This year, I decided to make a resolution, too. You see, lately, I’ve felt a touch stressed out with blogging. Writing two posts a week takes a surprisingly large amount of time, and that eats away at my crafting time. I want to create new patterns, and in order to do so, I need more hours in my working days. To get them, I have decided to only post once a week. This way, I still get to enjoy blogging while gaining more time to create, and maybe even learn new things.

In other news, Craftsy has decided to scale down on indie designers. Several patterns stores owned by indies have been forced to close, and those that survived, only got to keep a small amount of their collection available through Craftsy. I was among the few that survived the cut, but my pattern store was greatly affected by this. For now, I am only allowed to offer one pattern through Craftsy. This is a huge loss of income for me, and I am obviously quite upset about it. Craftsy is a big marketplace, and it saddens me to see them disregard indies in such a cruel way.

Though some things change, some things remain the same. I will continue to publish a weekly blog post starting next Wednesday. Featured products may not be the focus point of our posts, but will still be available. Newsletters with special offers will go out every Friday, and I’ll try to get myself acquainted with Instagram stories, too. Next Wednesday (not tomorrow, but a week from now), I hope to launch an orange addition to our Pretty Basics Knits, so stay tuned!

Until then.



Christmas Looks with Velvet Dress

Christmas is almost here, and this is 2018’s last blog post. I’m going to take a little break from work now, and will return to blogging on January 8th. Before the Holidays, I wanted to show you looks with The Velvet Dress from Tuesday. As you probably remember, I shared a dress make-over, but didn’t show you how the dress looks on me. Let’s look at it now!

The original dress had a front that was way too open. I sorted out that problem by turning the dress around, and giving the back a V-shape. To make the back more secure, I closed the V with skin-toned mesh. I have issues with necklines that fall open at the slightest careless move, but have absolutely no problem with showing some skin at the back! Also, since the dress will reveal bra straps no matter what I do, I decided to go to town with them. I picked a bra with a butterfly at the back, and kinda like the way it shows through the mesh.

The front of the dress is now nice and smooth, and has a very modest neckline. I’m really happy about this alteration. It made the dress look less like it escaped from the eighties, and made it much comfier to wear.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what to wear on Christmas, and have finally settled on this modded Velvet Dress.


When I was growing up, my family had a very specific Christmas routine. We’d get up, watch The Snowman followed by the declaration of Christmas peace on TV, and then decorate the tree. We’d get dinner started, and while everything cooked in the oven, we’d have a sauna. After, we’d put on beautiful clothes, usually with something red, and eat until we were ready to burst. Then, we’d open presents, and maybe eat some more. Food and clothes were the things I remember most from childhood Christmases, and I still want to wear something extra nice during the Holidays. This year, I plan to wear this velvet dress look with a red and black sash.

I hope you’ll all have a wonderful Christmas and the happiest New Year. I’ll see you on January 8th!

Until then.



Velvet Dress Mod

Last summer, I found a dress at a flea market. I liked the fabric, and I liked its sleeves, so I bought it. At home, I tried it on, and decided it needed a dress make-over. The sleeves and hem were good along with the fit, but the front… well, see for yourself!

I have nothing against a wrap-cut front, but this dress completely failed at it. The front was too loose on me, and fell open if I leaned over. In order to wear it as is, I would have had to use fashion tape to hold it put. A dress make-over was most definitely in order!

I started by ripping the front open. At first, I planned to give the dress a basic wrapped front. Then I started thinking.

The front didn’t have all that much fabric, and cutting it to shape would eat a lot of it. A wrap front would be flimsy and low, and this dress sort of needed to be toned down.I gave the dress a closer inspection, and found that the sleeve scythes were cut symmetrically. The front and the back piece were exactly alike. This meant that I could do the easiest mod ever: wear the dress backwards! Despite this, I still needed to mod the neckline. I continued my dress make-over by shaping the wrap-cut shape I originally had planned. I also lowered the front a bit at the neck. Not a lot, just enough to make it comfortable.

I used elastic lace to bind both the neckline and the wrap-cut back before changing my mind yet again.The wrapped back, as I tried the dress on, proved to be a touch on the slippery side. It really-really wanted to fall off, so I took a piece of skin-toned mesh, and used it to make the back more secure. And when I tried the dress on again, it was perfect!

How perfect, you ask? Well, I’ll show that to you on Friday!

See you then.



Red and Black Party Looks

Today, I wanted share two red and black party looks. Both of these styles are perfect for Christmas celebrations, and there’s still time to sew a new dress or skirt for the Holidays.


For the first look, I wanted to use a jersey top I got from a flea market earlier this fall. The top is pretty basic, but has an interesting and flattering neckline. It was a little bit loose, so I took it in at the waist. The technique was so basic and well-known I didn’t even bother to make a tutorial about it.

I paired the top with our Lace Skirt. This is a non-elastic, fully lined Pretty Basic. It goes beautifully with basic tops, and adds a bit of elegance to both parties and ordinary days. The skirt comes with a detachable sash, which I personally wear more than the actual skirt… For this look, I wore The Lace Skirt with its sash to gain a high-waist style. I think it looks really nice with this top, and if I were to spend Christmas at Mom’s and Dad’s, I’d most definitely wear this!


For the second of today’s red and black party looks, I chose to go with Lee’s Dress. I love how comfy this dress is, and am contemplating on making another one with this pattern. Lee’s Dress was inspired by kimonos, and I made mine with faux silk. This dress features a kimono collar, adjustable sleeves, and an A-lined hem. The waist sits just below the bust, so this dress is super-comfy even if you plan eat a little too much at a Christmas feast. Finns always do that, so it’s quite important to wear clothes with room for the food!

To make Lee’s Dress more Christmasy, I added the red lace sash. I tied it around the dress’s waist, and secured it with a semi-bow. To make the look even more party-appropriate, I rolled my hair into a French twist.

I really like this look, and might wear it this Christmas even though we plan on staying home. There’s nothing to stop me from putting on a pretty dress despite that!

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s red and black party looks!

Until next time.



New Dress

A while back, I went to the flea market, and came home with a pretty good haul. Among the garments I got, was a velvet print top, and a basic jersey skirt with two layers. Neither of these two fit my personal style as they were, so I morphed them together to create a new dress. I started by chopping the top to length, and taking it in at the sides. Then, I took what was left of the hem, and used it to sew ruffle cuffs.

The original skirt had a seam at the hip. I cut the skirt there to get rid of both the seam, and its elastic waist. It was too long to begin with, and a seam at the widest part of my hip looked just wrong.

After the quick surgery, I gathered the hem, and attached it to the top’s hem. Ruching two layers of slippery jersey, and pinning them to another layer of slippery jersey was not easy! Luckily, this was the hardest step of the entire process.

Turning the top and skirt into a new dress took literally an hour, and I could not be happier with the results. The dress is super-comfy, super-cute, and looks like ME. I’ve already worn it out, and it proved to be the sort of dress I could just forget. It required no adjusting and no tugging, and behaved beautifully all night.

For the finished look, I wore the dress with minimal accessories. I hid the waist seam with my chiffon sash, and went for very basic heels. As this dress has a wide, rather voluminous hem which I want to emphasize with petticoats, I wore my hair in a bun. Leaving it loose adds a lot to my width, and paired with wide skirts, that’s not a good look. A messy bun works much better with this look, and is also much more comfortable.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my new dress!



Short Skirt Looks

On Tuesday, I showed you what I did to a pair of H&M booties. Today, I wanted to feature them in a post, and it turned out… well, a bit different from usual. We have legs, we have hair, we have corsets and see-through tops, so here’s today’s short skirt looks!


See-through tops were all the rage in the nineties. That was also the time of the “too short skirt”. For the first look, I combined the two, and actually kinda liked it.

A couple of years back, I made a tight little velvet skirt out of a dress I didn’t like. The skirt is actually nearly knee-length, but I like to wear it scrunched up. That way, it settles on me nicer, and loses its desire to climb. I paired it up with a printed mesh top I got from a flea market eons ago. The top is grey, which I can live with, has ruffle sleeves I really like, but sports a lacing at the front. A while back, I realized that since the top has raglan sleeves, and is therefore completely symmetrical, I can just wear it backwards. I have no issues with a laced up back, so that’s exactly what I did with this look.

I really like this look, and would gladly wear it out. Also, I’d like to point out what the combination of short skirt and high heels does to one’s legs!


We carry a sewing tutorial I haven’t said a single word about. This week, I actually noted that it was only listed on Craftsy! That explains why I’ve managed to completely overlook it, and today, after listing The Tutu Sewing Tutorial, I wanted to feature it in an outfit.

I made my tutu with a metallic mesh, and have not worn it once. This skirt looks a-ma-zing, and is pretty easy to create, too. It is super short, though, so be certain to wear micros with it!

For this look, I paired my silvery tutu with my zip-up corset, micros that match the waist band, and my new sky-high heels.

This over-the-top look is something I really would love to wear, but where to? A costume party, probably, or maybe a New Year’s Do. If you have ideas of an appropriate venue for this look, leave me a comment.

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s short skirt looks.

Until next time.



Shoe Mod

My favorite shoes broke in the spring. They were very, very old, and I loved them. I’ve been on the look-out for a replacement pair ever since. Finding a pair of shoes that scream nineties is surprisingly difficult, I tells you! Finally, I found a semi-acceptable pair on H&M.Nothing spells quality shoes like H&M, so I was pretty happy to see them on sale for only 18€. I ordered them, got them, and said “ain’t it a good thing I’m a professional, and can give this pair a shoe make-over”. Here’s where we started from!

Originally, I planned to use lace for the shoes. Later, I changed my mind, but that’s the reason why there’s lace in the photo.

I started by using my scissors to cut the leg of the shoes. That was pretty easy since they were made of fabric, and the actual shoe part was stitched to the fabric bit. The picture shows it better than I can explain it!

This wasn’t the first time I did a similar shoe make-over. That’s probably the reason why I went ahead and ordered a pair of shoes just to cut into them… The first pair I modded was so good I wore them until they fell apart on me. Literally, I was walking along, and they started to disintegrate. Luckily, I was quite close to home, and made it there without injury.

Anyway, after cutting the shoes to shape, I took black bias tape, and hand stitched it to place. That does sound like a lot of work, but sewing keeps the binding in place better than gluing, leaves a tidy finish, and can be replaced if need be.

The finished shoes are very, very basic and super plain. They’re also very high, and I feel that decorating them would make them appear a bit too much. In their current basic form, they fit all outfits, and won’t clash with styles.

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s shoe make-over. I promise to show how these look on me in Friday’s post!

Until then.



Party Looks

December is the time of parties, both big and small. I personally prefer the small ones, and wanted to dedicate today’s posts for party looks. Both of these styles are pretty casual, so they’re perfect for informal get-togethers with family and friends. They both feature the same petticoat, but are pretty different in other aspects.


A while back, I introduced you to Daisy’s Dress. This two-toned little number is pretty easy to sew (if you’re not intimidated by elastic velvet) and fun to wear. I made mine with black lycra and flower print velvet. Today, I wanted to use Daisy’s Dress as the base for the first of our party looks. I paired the dress up with a frilly petticoat, and black tights. The dress, being made with two fabrics, has a seam at the waist. To conceal it, I took an elastic belt, and wore it backwards so that its buckle wouldn’t draw attention to itself.

Since it is starting to get a bit chilly, I wore a light cotton scarf with the dress. Long rectangular scarves are really easy to just sort of drape on, and wrap into when needed.

This look turned out quite cute with all of its subtle details, but I still prefer the next one more!


For today’s second look, I went with my Spaghetti Strap Dress. I made this using a Spaghetti Strap Top and a Jersey Skirt which I chopped at the knee. As a result of morphing these two together, I got a super-comfy dress that’s ridiculously easy to both wear and accessorize. This is the kind of dress that works for any occasion. The design is classic and versatile, and I don’t think there is a dress on this world that takes accessories better.

I wore my Spaghetti Strap Dress over a long-sleeved mesh top and my frilly petticoat. To conceal the seam at the waist, I wore my elastic belt, adjusting the buckle to the side. Off-center, the buckle creates a detail a bit more interesting.

This is the kind of look I really wear. It’s easy, it’s basic, it comes with no window for malfunction. And it’s black.

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s party looks.

Until next time.



Black and Purple Looks

Today is Black Friday, and our preChristmas Sale started a bit early, on Tuesday! Until the end of this year, you’ll see a very annoying pop-up on our site to remind you to take advantage of our discount code. By using the code HWD-ANYTHING-15, you’ll get 15% off on everything in our collection. Sale ends by January 1st, 2019, so you have plenty of time to shop for both Basics, and not-so-basics. Today, I wanted to show you a couple of outfits based quite loosely on our patterns, so let’s jump right into black and purple looks!


In the first of our black and purple looks, I wanted to show you a dress you have yet to see. I made this black dress during the summer’s heat wave, and somehow forgot about it. It’s gotten quite a bit of wear, though, since I thoroughly like it. This dress is made with a really light, translucent jersey. It has a yoke, a round neckline, and sleeves with pleated shoulders. This little number needs to be worn with another layer under it, and I usually go for a black slip. For this look, though, I paired the dress with a purple slip. To show off the beautiful color, I gathered the black dress’s hem a bit, and secured it with a brooch. I wrapped black pearls around my wrist, rolled my hair into a sock bun, and totally loved the look! This style is super-comfy, and so cute I can’t wait to wear it out.


I hung on to the purple slip for the second look. Lately, I’ve grown fond of wearing wrap dresses with contrast colored dresses. For the second of our black and purple looks, I wore our Sleeveless Wrap Dress (the modded version, that is) with said purple slip. I love how the slip offers more coverage to The Wrap Dress especially around the neckline, and a spot of color never goes amiss. The slip is a little bit too long for this dress, so I sorted the issue out with an elastic band. I took a piece of elastic, secured it around my waist, and pulled the slip over it to shorten the hem. From under another dress, no-one will be able to tell!

I really like this look, it’s comfy and cute and somehow just a little bit slutty. In the nice way, that is.

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s Black and Purple Looks!

Until next time.