Mandatory Introductions

Well hello there. My name is Sometimes Heather, and I write. I also play video games, knit, and contemplate on planting a store on the interweb to sell knitting patterns. Here, though, I write. 

I learned to read when I was six. Since then, letters have played an important part in my life. I created stories in my head before I understood the correlation between sound and symbol. Mastering the art of holding a pencil made my life a lot easier: it was less challenging to write down the stories in my head than it was to remember them all. Since the day of six-year-old-me, I've created quite a few tales, and even published some of them

Writing has always been a big part of my life. I write to escape the harsh reality, mainly, to find a safe nook in the universe where I can be.. something else entirely. 

That might sound like I want to escape myself, but it isn't so. I like being me, it's just the world around us all that sometimes gives me a really hard time. During the simple years of the nineties and early 2000s, escaping was easy. All we had to run from were impossible beauty standards. Now, escaping has become more challenging. Fleeing a world filled with war and disease through a tiny hole in the paper is a solace, but not an easy one. 

Still, I write. 

As I have, once again, taken my website and planted it at a new location, I hope to post weekly to talk about whatever is on my mind. I've grown weary of writing Professional Posts with perfect grammar through a perfect smile. I'm Finnish, and English is my second language. My grammar is far from perfect, and I'm far too gloomy to smile in public. 

Currently, I'm working on - dare I say it - the fourth part of Sha-e-Fa series. Said fourth part, titled Dark Years, has been in the making for many dark years. As I dot down these words, the story is almost told. I know how it all ends, and soon, you will, too. 

I hope you'll stick with me.