Fall Looks with Faerie Dragon

September is almost upon us, and that for me has always meant the beginning of fall. Autumn is the time to knit, to watch the leaves turn yellow, and to prepare for winter. I usually like to go through my dresses during the first weeks of fall, and get rid of the ones I no longer care for. This year, I think I might do some serious purging. But before that, lets take a look at some fall looks. Our featured product this week is The Faerie Set, and I wanted to take this time to remind you that you can get The Faerie Gloves for free simply by ordering our newsletter. This offer expires on Halloween, so there’s still plenty of time to claim a free copy of the pattern!

Long and Elegant

For the first of today’s fall looks, I chose to wear the dress I made for my fortieth Birthday. I used a light viscose jersey, and added a lace yoke and sleeves. The dress turned out lovely, and it’s gotten a lot of wear. It’s super-comfy, and the see-through yoke gives it a unique look. This dress doesn’t deal that well with accessories, but shawls work wonderfully with it. For this look, I chose to throw The Faerie Dragon over my neck. I love the way it drapes over my shoulders at the back, though you can’t really see it in the photos.

Short and Fun

When choosing outfits, I usually go for the skin-tight options. One reason for this is that it’s almost always windy outside Wind catches clothes, makes wide hems fly, and leaves an outfit in complete disarray. I really don’t like it when that happens, and wearing figure-hugging dresses is an easy way to avoid it. For this look, I paired our Pretty Basic Lace Top with a pencil skirt I picked up from a flea market a while back. The skirt is made with a lively material, and I’ve had a hard time figuring out what to wear with it. On photo-day, I decided to throw caution to the wind, and pair it with another lively material. I didn’t expect the combo to work, but it did! The result pleases me well, and I’m pretty certain this outfit gets to go out pretty soon. As a finishing touch, I wore The Faerie Dragon wrapped around my neck. After all, winter is coming, and we need all the warmth we can get.

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s fall looks!

Until next time.



Short Dress Looks with Faerie Set

This week, we’ll take a look at some more outfits with The Faerie Set. I love the way this colorful set works with dresses, and today, I wanted to show you two fun short dress looks. Both of these styles are perfect for stepping out, be it drinks or a late dinner.

Pretty Basic

A while back, I showed you a dress I made by combining our Pretty Basic Jersey Skirt and Spaghetti Strap Top. Originally, the dress was long and flowing, but as summer came, I needed a short dress. Long hems are just too much when it’s warm out! I chopped the dress above the knee, and decided I like it better this way. A short dress is cooler to wear during the summer, and can easily be paired with long-sleeved Tees, petticoats, and fun leg wear during the winter.

For this look, I wore my FrankenDress with black tights, buckled heels, and The Faerie Set. I used a simple belt to cover the seam at the waist, and left my hair partly loose to bring a romantic feel to the look. Large earrings give the style another detail.


You may have noticed that I really like little black dresses. I have one in almost every material and they’re perfect for creating fun short dress looks! For today’s second outfit, I chose a short spaghetti strap dress made with lace. This dress is actually one my favorite ones. It’s cute, it’s comfy, and it’s a bit on the looser side so I can wear it even when I’m feeling fat.

For this look, I wore the lacey dress over a black slip. Lace as a material is see-through, so this dress can’t be worn on its own. I’m thinking about making a contrast-colored slip, or even a skin-toned one. Just need to pop by the fabric store real quick…

I wore The Faerie Dragon thrown over my neck to give the dress a bit more coverage. Worn like this, a shawl reveals the back which I think looks nice for a change. The Faerie Gloves add more color to the look, and keep hands and wrists warm.

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s fun short dress looks!

Until next time.



Faerie Looks for Fall

This week, I wanted to focus on The Faerie Dragon Set. Again. I really like these knitting patterns, and since the gloves are free for all VIPs until Halloween, I figured we might as well do some outfits with the set! So gain access to the free Faerie Gloves Pattern, all you need to do is to order or newsletter. You’ll then receive a download link to the pattern, and a 20% discount code for a pattern of your choosing. We send out one newsletter per week, so every Friday after 7PM, you’ll receive an email with a news cap, and a 10% discount code for each week’s featured pattern. You can unsubscribe at any time, but I do hope our notes keep you entertained. So in today’s Faerie Looks -post, we’ll look at outfits featuring this beautiful, multicolored Faerie Set.

A fun fact about photos for the next three posts: on the night before photo-day, I slept with a sock bun on. I wore the bun for the first photos, let it out into a curly, messy bun for the next ones, and finally let it loose!


Faerie Looks - a sash draws attention to the waist

For the first look, I went with our Pretty Basic Party Dress. This cute little black dress features a see-through yoke, and a short hem. The pattern comes with two options for the sleeves that you can choose from. And if you don’t like either, you can just use the sleeve from our Pretty Basic Jersey Top or Jersey Dress. All of our Pretty Basics sewing pattern pieces fit together, so you can Frankenstein pretty much anything with them!

For this look, I wore The Party Dress with very little accessories. I chose a long chiffon sash to tie around my waist, and wore The Faerie Gloves to give the look a pop of color.

Faerie Looks - colorful gloves add a cute detail


Faerie Looks - a button up corselet serves as an eye-catcher

For the second of today’s Faerie Looks, I wore a jersey dress I made a long time ago. When I first started dating Charming, he had to go abroad on business. He was gone for nearly two weeks, and I needed a pick-me-up as well as a distraction. So I spent that time sewing dresses for myself. This is the first dress I made. It was followed by ten more, if memory serves, and set way to a tradition: whenever Charming goes away on a business trip, I make myself a dress or two.

For this look, I paired the dress with a tulle petticoat, and my brand new elastic corselet. I wore The Faerie Dragon Shawlette over the dress to give the look some color and warmth. I love this style, and I’ve actually worn something similar out many, many times.

Faerie Looks - tulle adds volume to hems

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s Faerie Looks!

Until next time.



Favorite Hooded Dress Looks

This week, our featured product has been The Hooded Dress Sewing Pattern. On Tuesday, I showed you how my blue interpretation of the dress looks with my brand-spanking new elastic waist corselet. Today, I wanted to share my favorite Hooded Dress Looks from the past year. Although none of these dresses actually have a hood, they’re made with this week’s featured pattern.


Pairing a dress with a waist corset is the easiest way to create a cool outfit. I do this more often than I dare admit, so I wanted to start with this pretty obvious choice. The first look features the original Hooded Dress (minus the hood) and my BloodSplatter Corselet. This is one of my elastic corselets, and, to date, my favorite one. I love the splatter print, and the stretchy material makes this corselet comfy to wear.

This look is very basic, and as such, it works wonders for casual outings. I’d wear this out anytime, and would totally feel comfortable.

Granny Square

Colors are a bit challenging for me to wear. I like them as accents, and in small amounts. Colored dresses, of which I own around five, are difficult. This blue dress is particularly challenging because of the bright, eye-catching shade of petrol. Paired with black details this dress can work, but I feel most at home under a layer of black. For this look, I paired my blue dress with our Granny Square Cardigan. This crochet cardigan is light and airy, and still warm. It’s perfect for wrapping into, and looks super cool worn over colored dresses. I completed this look with a messy hairdo and a choker necklace. For me, this is one of my favorite hooded dress looks. It’s cute, comfy, and pretty edgy despite the bright color.


Soft, feminine details are my newly found passion. This last look is the perfect example of my current mood. This style features one more variation of our Hooded Dress (again, without a hood) worn over a petrol blue mesh top, and tied down with a chiffon sash. A messy bun (or a braid, I have forgotten, and the picture doesn’t help much!) completes the look along with just a touch of dark make-up.

I really love this look, and will definitely wear this out just as soon as the weather starts to cool down.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my favorite Hooded Dress Looks!

Until next time.



Elastic Corselet

As you may have noticed, I have a thing about super-comfy clothes. I refuse to wear anything that’s constricting or hard on the skin. If I can feel it, I don’t want to wear it. That’s why I go for elastic materials in everything, including corsets. Now I know what most of you are saying right now: you can’t make a corset from elastic fabric!! You’re absolutely right about that. You can’t make an elastic corset, because it defeats the whole purpose of a corset. You can, though, make an elastic corselet that isn’t meant to be anything more than a decoration. An elastic thing can’t be used for waist reduction or body modification. As such, it also can’t cause damage to the body.

I’ve made quite a few corselets and light corsets in my time, and from my own experience, I dare say that elastic waist corselets are the comfiest of them all. I’ve only had one for a long time now, and I desperately needed another. As we entered June, I took a discarded skirt, and cut into it. I used our Reversible Waist Corset Pattern for this one. I cut out the pieces from elastic material, sewed the corselet up, and decorated it a bit. I added pockets to each side, and sewed thick cotton ribbons to the side seams.

I wanted this elastic corselet to be all black. It has black details, black binding and bone channels, and a black button closure. I chose to go with my trademark criss-cross button fastening. I love the way this looks, and buttons are surprisingly comfortable when a garment is worn. A zipper can get caught into clothing, and it can feel cold worn over a light layer. Buttons don’t do either.

For today’s look, I wore the black corselet over my petrol blue dress. I made this dress using our Hooded Dress Sewing Pattern with only minor alterations. This dress doesn’t have a hood, it’s made with only one layer, and it’s a bit shorten from the original pattern. The shape of the bodice and sleeve are the same, though. I wore the dress with black details and jewelry. Black pearls match the buttons on the corselet, and a black rose in my hair gives this look the romantic detail it deserves.

Thanks to all elastic materials, this look is really comfortable. I love everything about this style, and would totally wear it out.

On a brave day when blue doesn’t scare me.

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s Elastic Corselet post!

Until next time.



Hooded Dress

On Tuesday, I showed you a snap frame purse I made. Today, I wanted to incorporate it into an outfit post, so you could get a proper idea of its size. I’m also introducing this falls first featured product, which is… The Hooded Dress! I love this pattern, and I’ve used it to make two other versions of the original. Today and next week, we’ll be concentrating on looks based on this cute little dress.

The original Hooded Dress is made with two layers of thin jersey, and topped off with a hood. The beauty of this pattern is that you can sew it with just one layer, choose different textures for the layers, and make it with or without a hood. The choice is yours, and no matter which way you go, you’ll get a pretty dress that’s really comfy, too!

I originally made mine with a hood. Pretty soon, I decided it didn’t really work for my personal taste or style. I removed the hood and altered the neckline to a more revealing direction. This way, The Hooded Dress looks and feels more like Me. For today’s look, I wanted to show you the dress with a minimal amount of accessories. I chose to wear it with grey, patterned tights. The fabric on my dress tints a bit toward brown, and these tights repeat the same shade. I’m usually a bit iffy about wearing colors on my legs, but I do like the effect. Maybe I should do this more often!

During my summer vacation, I learned a new skill. I have long, uncooperative hair, and I’m constantly looking for new ideas on how to tame it into a tidy do. So far, I’ve found, like, three up-dos that kinda work, but a week ago, I struck gold: the sock bun! I can’t believe I haven’t tried this before! It’s so easy, so quick, and the result is… well, huge. To achieve this, I sacrificed a pair of 40den knee-highs, which I just rolled into two donuts. Two, because one never knows when the opportunity to wear Leia-buns comes along. Anyway, this hairdo is my new favorite, and you’ll be seeing a lot more of it.

I wanted to show you my new purse with this look. The bag has copper-toned details, so I felt that my usual silver jewelry would clash with it. I chose to wear black earrings instead, and go without rings.

Well, almost without, at least. I finally got my wedding ring, and rarely go without it. Luckily, it’s a black carbon fibre ring, so it goes with anything.

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s Hooded Dress post! Stay tuned for more looks next week.

Until then!



Snap Frame Purse

I’m back from holiday, and a little less refreshed than I’d hoped. Instead of a cold, rainy summer, we got an unusual heatwave, which drained me of energy quite well. I had all sorts of fun things planned, such as shopping, knitting, trips to the museum, and maybe even going to a park, but instead I spent most of my time wondering why I own such a limited amount of summer dresses. To compensate, and to cope with the heat, I modded a few dresses to fit the warm weather better. We’ll get to those later, but today, I wanted to show you a little project I did on the first week of my vacation. It’s a really big snap frame purse!

A while back, I got a piece of faux leather on eBay. I’d stashed copper-toned metal parts earlier, but for some reason, the pieces refused to play nice together. It took a lot of convincing to get them all to behave! I was kinda hoping to get more metal incorporated into the purse, but I do like the way it turned out. Instead of a Goth Witch purse, I got a more inconspicuous bag that goes with most of my dresses. Now the sad thing is that I managed to break my favorite Vagabonds that match this bag’s personality… I hope a shoe-mender can save them! If not, I’m going to have to do some serious shoe-specking.

My snap frame purse is a bit on the large side, which means that it has a lot of space. I added pockets to the lining, one with, and one without a zipper. The purse also has a zippered divider, and a D-ring for hanging keys from. This is probably my smartest idea ever: keys have a tendency of getting lost inside a larger bag. Attached to a D-ring sewn near the bag’s mouth, they’re always safe and easy to find.

I also added pockets to the exterior of my snap frame purse. I wanted a small detail on the pockets, and ended up choosing square rings for them. I attached them with strips of leatherette, and used long, narrow strips to hide the seams. I love this look, and an kinda toying around with the idea of sewing something similar to a piece of clothing. These kind of pockets could work for a jacket.

I sewed the bag’s handles from leatherette as well. I stuffed them lightly with poly-cotton, closing the ends a bit higher so I could sew them on more easily. I then took buttons and even more strips of leatherette, and used these to attach the handles to the bag.

I’m really quite happy about the way my snap frame purse turned out, and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about it. I’m hoping to incorporate it into Friday’s photos, so you’ll get to see the size of this thing!

Until next time.



My Favorite Summer Party Looks

As you may have noticed, there was no blog post last week. I scheduled everything until July 20th, and figured I’d take a day or two after Lumous to write posts for the end of July. It was a good enough plan, but weather rose to ruin it. You see, Finnish summers are usually pretty cold and rainy, which works well for me. Cloudy cardigan-weather is seriously my favorite kind! This year, though, we got hit by a heatwave. It started right around July 13th, and there is no end in sight. We’ve gotten to “enjoy” endless sun and infernal heat for almost three weeks. I don’t cope that well with temperatures over 21C, so I was unable to write anything. It isn’t any cooler right now, but I wanted to share a few of my favorite summer party looks anyway.


Orange Victorian

Summer is the time for bright colors and fun designs, even if you only wear black most of the time. This look featuring our Wrap-Cut Top and Victorian Skirt is one of my all-time faves. I put this together on a whim, and was blown away by how well these two pieces play with each other. I never would have expected a simple wrap top to go so well with Victorian hems!

I made my Victorian Skirt with satin, which makes it pretty warm. Using a light cotton will make this style cooler for summer party looks.

PuffBall With Lace

Lace is one of my favorite materials. It’s beautiful, elegant, and pretty perfect for summer party looks. For the second outfit, I chose this cute combo of our Lace Top and PuffBall Skirt. I thoroughly love this look, and actually wore this out not long ago. A snug lace top paired with poofy hems creates a delightful, doll-like silhouette I totally love. Accessories play an important part in looks like this one. By changing belts, jewelry, and shoes, you can completely alter the mood of this style!


As you’ve probably noticed by now, I wear a lot of black. I do have a couple of dresses in brighter colors, too, and sometimes I even wear them. This purple one has gone with little wear, but I do love the way it looks. This dress is similar to our Princess and Keyhole Dress, though I did mod the original pattern a bit for this one. For one thing, I obviously shortened it quite a bit!

For this look, I wore the purple dress with a tulle petticoat and a long, black sash. I love the way these elements bring a touch of darkness into this cute and girly dress. This look is really fun and comfy, too, so I might just wear it out someday when I’m feeling brave!

I hope you’ve enjoyed these summer party looks. I’ll be returning to work next week, so there will (hopefully) be an I Made This! -post on Tuesday!

Until next time.