Basic Knit Looks

Basic dresses are perfect foundations for knits. They’re versatile, take accessories well, and are free of details that obscure the lines of intricate knitwear. When modelling our Knitting Patterns, I often choose to wear our Pretty Basic Jersey Dress. A basic bodycon dress doesn’t take attention away from a knit, and works with all designs. Today, I wanted to show you my favorites of Jersey Dress + Knit -combos in this Pretty Basic Knit Looks Post!


Combining knits with crochet details has always been something that I like to do. With Violets On Stripes, I took combined two techniques into one design. Stripy knit fabric turned into a super-short cardigan with crochet flowers scattered along one shoulder and the back. This little cardigan is pretty much the cutest thing I’ve ever made! It goes wonderfully with our Jersey Dress, adding a layer of warmth to the basic dress.


Shrugs are most often worn with long skirts and corsets, but I like to pair them up with other kinds of outfits, too. Our Faux Cable Shrug is one of my favorites, and I’m actually thinking about knitting one in black, too. My green one is beautiful and delightfully warm, but the color clashes with many things I like to wear. The green shrug looks nice with a black Jersey Dress, though, and I love this look to bits!


Lune, our stripy scarf, was born by accident much like all of my favorite patterns. The design process is somehow easier when I don’t feel the need to create, and just do whatever feels natural. Lune came to me very easily, and I love it. The design is super-easy to knit, and the result is comfy and versatile. Lune looks lovely with our Jersey Dress, and goes beautifully with my fingerless version of Lovelace Gloves!


Sharing sneak peeks can be considered impolite, but I still like to share views of what’s coming soon. This short-sleeved cardigan pattern will come out this autumn. It’s first on my after summer vacation To-Do List, so I’m guessing the pattern will be launched in September. This little cardigan is designed for cotton yarn. It looks basic from the front, but the back holds a little surprise! I call this one DiagoNelly, and love the way it looks with our Jersey Dress.

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s Pretty Basic Knit Looks!

Until next time.



Dark Looks

This weekend, my home town is taken over by the annual Gothic festival. It’s the eighteenth Lumous, and I wanted to celebrate this by sharing my favorite dark looks from the past year. Some of these include Pretty Basics, some don’t, but all of them are based on our patterns. To make things a bit more interesting, I picked out looks I would actually wear.

The Secretary

I love the secretary -look. This used to be my Go To -style, and I still wear it. There’s something about the combination of a blouse, tie, corset, and long hems that I find aesthetically pleasing. This is surprisingly comfortable, too. Long, loose hems offer full coverage, and elastic blouse doesn’t constrict movement, and a made-to-measure corset feels like a warm hug.


PuffBall hems are pretty to look at, and fun to sew. This long skirt is a mod of our pattern. I made this with taffeta, and lined with ordinary, non-elastic lining fabric. For this look, I paired it up with my reversible zip-up corset. I love this look, but it is actually too posh for anything but Goth parties. I wore this skirt to last Lumous with a different corset, but I might take this zip-up overbust out this year.

Lace Wrap

Wrap skirts are comfortable, and versatile in nature. This one is designed to suite both him and her! Our Wrap Skirt bears an androgynous feel, so I like to pair it with feminine tops, and little jewelry. I’m actually thinking about ordering some satin, and sewing another one without a lining. As much as I like this one, it is a bit warm to wear with its two layers of fabric! This look is really comfy, and though I have yet to wear it out, I often pair our Lace Top with my velvet wrap skirt (which I don’t think you’ve been introduced to).

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s Dark Looks!

Until next time.



The Basics Morphs

The Pretty Basics are my favorite part of our collection. The Basics are designed to go together, and to make getting dressed easier. Our basics designs have a bit more in common than you’d think: these dresses, skirts, and tops are crafted from the same basic elements. That means that pattern pieces fit together, and you can actually Frankenstein these together to create bigger and better basics!

Let’s take The Sleeveless Wrap Dress for an example. Sleeveless dresses are comfy and cool during the summer, and most women love them. I’m one of those who just don’t like the basic sleeveless shape. For obvious reasons, I had a Sleeveless Wrap Dress that just sat in my closet dreaming about sleeves. I didn’t have any fabric left after making it, and a while back, I decided to shorten it, and use the extra bit of hem to sew sleeves. For sewing the sleeves, I used our Pretty Basic Jersey Top Pattern. I took the sleeve pattern from The Jersey Top, shortened it, cuffed it, and sewed it onto the dress. No alterations needed!

Another thing I did with The Basics is my spaghetti strap dresses. Tops and skirts are a perfect combo for the summer, but personally, I prefer dresses. I want clothes to stay put, and dresses behave better. Again, for obvious reasons I had a long skirt and a spaghetti strap top made with the same fabric. I wanted these two to be a dress, so I took off the elastic on the skirt’s waist, cut the top’s hem to length, and sewed. For this, I did need to take the skirt’s waist in a little, but if you’re morphing these two patterns together, the difference in waist width can easily be removed when cutting.

After combining my Spaghetti Strap Top and Jersey Skirt into a dress, I realized I liked it so much I needed another one. I used lace and skin-toned mesh to create a spaghetti strap bodice, and made the hem with black lycra. This dress is super-comfy, and so pretty I want to wear it all the time!

The Pretty Basics are on sale until August 6th, so now is a good time to pick up some patterns and use them to create wicked morphs! If you do, feel free to share your creations on our Facebook page.

Until next time.