My Fav Pretty Basic Party Looks

The end of every year is the perfect time for parties and get-togethers. To honor that time-old tradition, I wanted to share with you my favorite party looks from the past fall.

A touch of Red

I love jersey dresses. I have more than enough, and I still continue to make more. They’re fun, they’re comfy, and they’re excellent for creating cute party looks. All one really needs is a few accessories.

For this look, I paired a bishop-sleeved LBD with a lace petticoat, a lace belt, and red heels. With red details, this look would be perfect for a quiet Christmas with the family. When I was a kid, we’d all wear something nice for Christmas dinner. There’d be candles and soft music, and all the food you could eat. Beautiful clothes made the night all the more special. This look is something I’d wear if we still celebrated Christmas at home. Traditions have changed over the years, and now I’ll enjoy the holidays with Charming and RPGs!

While wearing a pretty dress, of course.

Gathered Up

Our Pretty Basic Party Dress is a surprisingly versatile thing. It can be turned into all kinds of cute styles with accessories alone. I originally created this party look with Halloween theme parties in mind. With long pearls and a layered hem, this look reminds me of the Twenties. This look will work for all kinds of parties, though, especially if you have a fun personality to go with it. This look is super-cute, and now that I reminded myself of it, I kinda want to see if I can pull it off in real life.

New Year’s Eve might be the perfect night for this!


Back in August, I was wondering what to do with a piece of crinkle fabric. After days and days of pondering, I decided to turn it into a skirt. The process was quick and easy, and resulted in both a cute skirt, and a tutorial on how to make one. The Crinkle Skirt is wide of hem, and has an elastic waist. It’s comfy and cute, and paired with our Lace Top, it makes a fun, casual party look. This is my favorite of the style-up -post I did with The Crinkle Skirt. The tight lace top balances out the wide hem, and the two textures look really nice together.

How To Make A Crinkle Skirt - All Done!

Warm and Cute

Just a few weeks ago, I introduced you to The Faerie Dragon Shawlette. It’s a lazy-curve vortex designed for two contrast-colored yarns. To celebrate the launch of the pattern, I created warm winter party looks with The Faerie Dragon. There were enough for two posts (one here, and the second here), and I loved creating the styles. This one is my favorite of the bunch. Our PuffBall Skirt paired with a lace blouse, a corset, and the beautiful shawlette created a look that’s fun and pretty unique. I really like the way this look turned out!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my favorite party looks. As this is this year’s last blog post, I want to wish you all a very happy Christmas, and a magical New Year. Enjoy yourselves, and remember to feel pretty!



Fun with Pretty Basics

With Christmas right around the corner, I wanted to keep the last two posts before my little break from work light and fun. That’s why I’ve chosen to feature The Pretty Basics, and create a few fun looks with The Basics. There’s little time to sew before Christmas, but as the New Year rolls in, I for one start to look forward to spring. Designing and sewing spring clothes during the winter is a lot of fun, and I can’t wait to get started! But first, let’s check out some fun looks for warmer weather.


… is what you get when you wrap up a Goth. As a burrito. Get it? Gorrito?

OK, maybe it wasn’t that funny. But wrapping up in a huge cardigan is a lot of fun. With the first look, I wanted to remind you of our Granny Square Cardigan. It’s a humongous square worked in filet crochet, and the pattern is completely free! This thing is super-warm, versatile, and easy to crochet. It does take some time to make, but during that time, it doubles as a lap blanket.

I worked this cardigan with upcycled cotton yarn and a 4mm / US 6 hook. It took me a week or so to crochet this. The Granny Square Cardigan is really a super-easy, a bit of a mindless project, and therefore it can be finished in a relatively short time.

I recommend using a DK-weight yarn for this cardigan. Gauge isn’t crucial for this project, but using a hook smaller than 4mm might be unwise. A larger tool makes this cardigan faster to crochet!


After making The Pretty Basic Lace Top, I had a bit of skin-toned mesh left. I also had a dress to mod. I wanted to turn it into a Pretty Basic Jersey Dress, but there wasn’t enough fabric for long sleeves. Being the smart girl that I am, I took the mesh scraps, and cut the upper sleeves out of it. The lower sleeve and the cuffs I made with the dress fabric. The solution turned out really nice! I love the way the sleeves look, and they totally fooled Charming into thinking my arms were bare!

For this look, I paired the dress with our Reversible Corset. It works surprisingly well with The Jersey Dress. I gives both detail and character to the simple dress, and also serves to hide little imperfections and bumps caused by a lower layer of clothing. I love this look, and will totally wear it out in the near future.

Lace on Lace

Pairing two kinds of lace is always scary. Some say never to do it, some say go nuts. I say pick patterns that compliment each other, and don’t over-do it. For the second look, I chose to pair lace with lace.

Our Lace Top and Jersey Skirt love each other. Together, they create a lovely look both elegant and classic. I wanted to add something to the look, though, so I took the belt from our Lace Skirt, and tied around my waist. The wide belt creates an Obi-like silhouette, and adds a cute detail to the outfit. With a dab of red, it’d be perfect for a Christmas dinner with the family. I tied the belt two ways, and can’t decide which looks nicer. This goes to show that a small detail can make a big change for a look! 

I hope you’ve enjoyed our fun looks with The Basics today.

Until next time.



Grey Dress

Once upon a time, not so very long ago, I found a piece of grey lycra with a really cute print. As you may know, I have a thing about colors, but grey, being just very light black, is sometimes OK. I bought the lycra, brought it home, and asked it what it wanted to be. It muttered something incoherent and I said fine, you just think about it as long as you’d like. Yesterday, right as I’d decided to concentrate on Christmas presents, the fabric had the audacity to announce its desire to become a Pretty Basic Jersey Dress. With a long hem. As I never say NO to fabrics, I cut it straight away, and today, I sewed the lycra into a grey dress.

The fabric really has a super-nice tone, and I’m happy I chose to make a simple dress with it. This way, the color gets a chance to shine.

I made the grey dress with long, tight sleeves. The cuffs are also very basic, but they bring a polished look to the sleeves. I have long arms, so I made the sleeves longer than the pattern calls for.

The Pretty Basic Jersey Dress has a wide, round neckline. For this dress, I made a smaller collar. It’s winter, after all, and I don’t want to freeze to death!

Sewing the dress took 1½ hours, including chat-breaks and general procrastination. The pattern is really very easy to sew, and it makes a basic dress that goes with everything! My grey dress is long, and I achieved this by simple lengthening the original pattern’s hem, and cutting it into an A-lined shape. I have to admit that I’ve made this pattern so many times I didn’t even try the dress on until it was finished…

The grey dress is basic in shape and style. That makes it a wardrobe staple. It can be paired with pretty much anything, and it’s so comfortable you’ll want to wear it all the time.

I didn’t have an awful lot of energy to create a proper outfit post with the dress after sewing it, but I did try! I bravely paired the grey dress with my black lace cardigan and called it an outfit. This look does need a hair-do and some accessories to fully work, but it does show that the grey dress really likes cardigans.

I really like the way these two garments look together. Grey and black belong to the same color-family, and look nice together. The lace cardigan allows for the dress’s color to shine through, and that effect ties these two together.

I believe I’m most likely to grab this dress when going out on a weekend. It is basic enough to wear on a weekday, but something about the print says PARTY to me. I was happy to note that my grey dress also likes corsets and large jewelry.

This look is totally Me. It has all of my favorite elements, and it’s super-comfy not only physically, but also mentally. An outfit is best when it doesn’t force you to squirm and tug at it, and this most certainly doesn’t. I’m so looking forward to wearing it out!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my new grey dress. I’d like to remind you at this point that our Pretty Basics will all be on sale until further notice, but only for VIPs. Join our mailing list to gain access to special offers!

Until next time!



Pretty Basics Collection

Christmas is just around the corner. It brings snow and gifts, and quiet time with the family. Like many others, I need a Christmas vacation! For this reason, we’ll be focusing on The Pretty Basics Collection this week and next, and all the way into next year. With all The Pretty Basics on sale for all VIPs, we’ll be focusing on outfits. I’m also hoping to push out a new pattern for Friday, but I refuse to promise I’ll make it! The said pattern will be a part of The Pretty Basics Collection, which means it’ll be easy to sew and fun to wear.

Personal style is always a unique thing. We all have our own personalities, the quirks and affections that make us US. I don’t want to tell you to change them or how you should look, but I do want to make getting dresses in the morning more fun. Our Pretty Basics Collection is designed to be easy to mix and match so that you won’t have to stress about what to wear on a busy morning.

Our Pretty Basic Collection is made of simple dresses, tops, and skirts that all go together. By adding accessories, you can use them to create a unique, elegant style that brings out your personality. During the coming few wees, I’ll do outfit posts with The Basics, focusing on creating warmer looks. After all, it is pretty cold outside! The Pretty Basics Collection comes complete with cardigans both knit and crocheted, so staying warm won’t be an issue.

Our Basics are designed to be first and foremost comfortable. That doesn’t mean they’re only meant for everyday wear. Accessories can make a simple jersey dress party-worthy. Styling tricks make all the difference. and even a hair-do can make a party look fabulous. The most important thing, though, is to have fun and stay comfortable. Especially during Christmas when the main focus is on lounging around and eating!

I hope you’ll have fun with or Pretty Basics Collection style-ups during the next few weeks.

Until next time!



More Winter Party Looks

Last week, I finally got to launch The Faerie Dragon Shawlette. It’s a lazy-curve vortex worked with two contrast colored, self-patterning yarns. I made mine with a crazy combo of green and purple, but any colors work for this project. As shawls and shawlettes are often seen as outerwear, I wanted to show you how to rock The Faerie Dragon as a part of warm party looks. All of these styles feature two light layers and The Faerie Dragon, so they’ll be nice and cozy even in the coldest house.

Full Length Puff-Ball

For the first look, I picked out yet another garment I haven’t featured in the blog. It’s a puff-ball skirt based on our pattern. I made it a few years ago with black taffeta and pretty basic lining material. I’ve only worn it a couple of times because it is a bit on the fancy side. The skirt is full length, and it makes noise when I walk. When making it, I gathered the sides just a little to give the skirt a lovely detail. For this look, I paired it with my favorite mesh top (which I literally wear all the time), and a purple waist corselet. The color of this little waist enhancer pleases me, but it’s boned with plastic, and feels quite flimsy as such. I’d really like to change the boning to light steel, and add a front closure  along with a modesty panel to the corselet. That’d make it better looking and nicer to wear.

The Faerie Dragon almost matches the purple corselet. Colors really are difficult for me, so I was hesitant about this combo. After careful consideration (and having kept an eye out for even wilder color choices) I have decided it works fine. The Faerie Dragon adds a lot of warmth to this look, while also making the corselet a bit less noticeable.

Warm Party Looks - long hems always make an outfit warmer

So Red

The temperature dropped quite violently here in Finland for a day or so, sparking the age-old conversation of “can mini skirts be worn during the winter”. I’ve always said sure, why not, and now I wish to prove my point.

I’ve seen a lot of girls shivering outside in short skirts and 20 denier tights during the coldest winters. That really isn’t the only way to wear a mini. It can be layered, just like longer skirts!

For the second stop in our warm party looks collection, I picked out a dress I made with a pattern fresh out of the 70s. It’s empire lined, bell sleeved, and super-short. For this look, I paired it with warm tights, our Garter Petticoat, fishnet socks, and my Tropical Breeze Shawl. This outfit may not look it, but it is warm.

I really like this dress, and I’ve worn it pretty often. I’d totally wear this look out, only I would switch the light heels for combat boots!

Warm Party Looks - try adding layers to leg-wear, too!

Short Puff-Ball

The last of our warm party looks is, again, my favorite. For this style, I chose to do a Corset-over-Blouse -thing. Waist corsets are often paired with blouses, but an overbust worn with a long-sleeved top under it is rarer. I would like to warn you, though, against choosing to wear a button down blouse under a tight-lacing corset. You will come out with button prints on your belly! With a corset top worn only for decorational purpose, this look is relatively safe.

Warm Party Looks - two tops instead of one make a look twice as warm

I picked out a lace blouse with small ruffles on the cuffs, and a short version of our puff-ball skirt. A zip-up corset matches the buttons on the skirt, and The Faerie Dragon brings both color and warmth to this cute look. I I thoroughly love this style, and would wear it out in a heartbeat!

Warm Party Look - a cute shawl brings loads of warmth!

I hope you’ve enjoyed our warm party looks collection. Don’t forget to take advantage of our VIP-offer on The Faerie Dragon!

Until next time.



Winter Party Looks with Faerie Dragon

Last Friday, I kinda promised you warmer looks created with The Faerie Dragon Shawlette. On Monday, I remembered that it’s party season! Christmas is right around the corner, and tomorrow is Finland’s 100th Independence Day. So instead of everyday outfits, I chose to create some fun winter party looks. Being cold can ruin a perfectly decent party, so let’s see how to remain warm even in cold weather!

Long Lace Dress

I have a tendency of making a new dress every time I feel like I have nothing to wear. This dress was born on a whim, and I have yet to really feature it. I made the dress for who know what party, and chose to wear something else. Today, I paired it with a mesh top and The Faerie Dragon. As far as winter party looks go, these kinds of outfits are my favorites. Long hems easily hide warm tights, and a mesh top is surprisingly warm under a spaghetti strap dress. The lovely shawl brings even more warmth to the look without making it appear bulky.

The dress is made with lycra and black lace. To make the lace less see-through, I added a layer of skin toned mesh. Worn with a black layer under it, the top actually has some color!

I wore the same delicate heels for all of these looks. They’re classic, understated, and as such, they go with everything. With this look, they bring forth the femininity of the look.

Super Cute

As much as I love classic, sleek lines, they sometimes get boring. For the second outfit for our winter party looks, I wanted to create something fun and cute. I took a skirt I don’t really wear that often, and our Yoked Blouse. Both garments are made with cotton, so they go together material-wise. I wasn’t entirely sure about this look until I pulled it on. Sometimes, it’s quite difficult to see what an outfit will actually look like before wearing it!

This skirt features a very light, very wide hem, and a high waist. It has a shorter section at the front, which makes it perfect for showing off patterned tights. To give the skirt’s waist a bit more shape, I tied a chiffon belt around it. This gives the waist an Obi-like detail.

The blouse is made with a chiffon yoke and upper sleeves. This adds a little bit of sex appeal to it, but in a very decent way. The Faerie Dragon brings warmth to the look, and just in case the see-through yoke gets stressful, an easy way to cover up.

I really like this look. It’s fun and playful, and really very cute.


For the last stop in our winter party looks, I picked out another dress I haven’t shown you guys. This one is scandalously short, and made with elastic velvet. The dress is actually quite old, and I gave it a make-over a few years back. It’s super-comfy and quite flattering, but one needs to be really careful when wearing it. See what I mean?

Velvet as a material is one of my favorites. It’s soft and decadent, and can make anyone feel special. This dress is complete with both a micro hem and a daring neckline. The Faerie Dragon thrown around the neck subdues the dress quite a bit, bringing it from slutty to classy. One does need to wear a tight petticoat with this one, though!

I hope you’ve enjoyed our winter party looks with The Faerie Dragon Shawlette!

Until next time.



Faerie Dragon Shawlette

A while back, I showed you a shawlette made with wild colors. Back then, I promised to write it into a pattern. Well, I’m happy to announce, that today is the day I finally get to publish it. The beautiful vortex was renamed, and I am proud to introduce The Faerie Dragon Shawlette.


Faerie Dragon Shawlette

As I mentioned when I first shared the shawlette, I got two gorgeous skeins of merino-silk for my Birthday. They were very unusual colors for me, and the person who gave them to me was actually a bit antsy about whether or not I’d like them. Well, I didn’t. I loved them! I loved the yarns so much I really just wanted to sit down in the middle of the floor and start knitting right there and then.

I resisted the urge, but not for long. You see, the yarns screamed that they wanted to become a vortex scarf, and be together forever. My only doubt at this was whether there’d be enough for a scarf. I quickly decided that if the scarf would be too small to wear, I’d just hang it somewhere and look at it.

Turns out there was plenty for a scarf. After a bath, the scarf grew into a long shawlette.

Faerie Dragon With Black Dress

The yarns were an absolute joy to work with. The colors were vibrant and full of life, and the luxurious merino-silk was a sheer indulgence. I didn’t check to see how long it took to knit the shawlette, but it couldn’t have been more than two weeks. I worked The Faerie Dragon in garter stitch and eyelet lace, so it was a zero-concentration-required -kind of project. I actually picked simple stitches for this shawlette so that I’d get to admire the colors more closely when knitting.

Faerie Dragon Curve

The Faerie Dragon Shawlette is now available as a knitting pattern. It’s our featured product for this week and next so you’ll be seeing more of it in later posts! Since this is a winter accessory, I’m planning to create some warmer, layered outfits to go with it. And as you know, featured products are on sale, but only for VIPs. If you haven’t already, order our newsletter to gain access to these special offers.

Faerie Dragon - vortex scarf knitting pattern

I hope you’ll enjoy The Faerie Dragon as much as I enjoyed knitting it!

Until next time.