Wrap Dress Styles via Polyvore

I’m back from Italy, and I have a flu. It’s pretty common to catch a cold when traveling abroad, and I was expecting it. Today’s Everyday With an Edge -post will feature wrap dress styles, but not on me. This time, I chose to style up dresses on Polyvore. Doing so, I get to use an abundance of dresses and accessories, and offer you more detailed styles.

Little Black Wrap Dress

Even though it’s getting pretty chilly, I wanted to do a sleeveless style. This classic dress is perfect for casual parties. It’s cute and flattering, but not too revealing. On a chilly day, you can wear a long sleeved lace top under it for extra warmth.

This LBD has a seam at the waist. I don’t know about you, but I like to hide those. For this look, I chose a wider belt with a double buckle. It accentuates the waist, making it appear narrower, and gives the look a cute detail.

The silver buckle dictates the accent color for this look. Silvery tone can be found in jewelry, purse, and even boot heels. I wanted to add small, playful details to this look. The necklace is shaped like the silhouette of a cat, and one of the rings reminds me of the devil’s tail. Both of these pieces have angles in them, so I picked out tights with a star print to go with them. The dress has an angular hem, so every detail goes together.

For footwear I chose knee-high boots. These ones have a platform sole, and silver heels. They’re simple and elegant, so they won’t clash with a statement purse with angular lines of rivets.

Wrap Dress Styles - Short Wrap Dress Look


 Mustard and Black

 Wrap dresses can make a cute party look, too. For the second style, I picked out a long spaghetti strap dress with a wrap cut. The first thing that intrigued me about this dress was the color. I love this particular shade of yellow!
I wanted to add a layer over the dress because it may not be the smartest idea to wear summer dresses during the winter. In order to do so, I needed to cover up the waist. I picked out a leather obi-belt to go over the waist. It’s wide enough to tone down the wrap cut, and the dress’s belts can easily be tucked under it. I then paired the dress up with a long, black lace duster. The long cardigan’s open front gives room for the dress, and the lace allows the lovely shade of mustard to shine through.
I picked knee-high boots for this look as well. The belt is quite heavy, and demands footwear to match its weight. Boots make the outfit warmer, but make it inappropriate for formal parties. A circular purse makes the outfit festive along with gold jewelry.
Watches seem to be making a comeback. For this look, I picked out a watch that comes with two bangles to match. These pieces go beautifully with a stacked ring. A stack of bangles on the other wrist complete the look, and baroque-inspired earrings give it a unique touch.
Wrap Dress Styles - Mustard Party Look


Red Accents on Polkadots

 I’ve never been that big on polkadots, but this dress stood out as I was leafing through wrap dress styles. It has a vintage-vibe, and would be perfect for a rockabella-look.

I paired the dress up with a tulle petticoat. The dress has a circle hem, and trust me, it flies. A floofy petticoat will keep you safe, and adds volume to the dress. I pondered between black and white, but finally chose to go with my fav.

I chose red as an accent color for this look. A round purse and red Mary Janes are a given, but I also wanted to add a red detail to the dress itself. I picked out a red chiffon scarf to tie into the belts. This adds a little splash of color to the dress. Red lips and nails bring even more color to the look along with a red watch.

I wanted to keep jewelry to a minimum with this style. I chose golden studs and simple rings. One of them comes in three layers, and the other has the cutest cat ears!

Wrap Dress Styles - Polkadots with Red Accents


 I hope you’ve enjoyed these wrap dress styles!
Until next time.

Purple Wrap Dress

I’m going to Italy for a friend’s wedding. Actually, by the time you read this, the wedding will have happened. I needed a dress for the wedding, and naturally decided to sew one. I figured it would be quick and easy, but it took more time than I figured. I got the dress done only a day before departure! I used our Sleeveless Wrap Dress Pattern to create my purple wrap dress.

I ordered fabric online two months before the trip, and chose the style one month later. It took me an entire week to muster up enough courage to cut the dress, and once I had, sewing felt like a huge task. This dress needed to be perfect!

I didn’t want to rush sewing the purple wrap dress, so I took my time with it, over-thinking every detail. The style is simple enough, but the finishing touches took a lot of brain work.

Purple Wrap Dress with H&M heels

The dress is long, and needs to be worn with heels. For some reason, I didn’t own a single pair of basic black shoes! I put off finding a pair of heels for far too long. I finally ordered a cute pair from Zalando, and they arrived in good time. Sadly, the shoes had an exceptionally small fit, and were a pain to wear. I returned them, and was left shoeless. Charming spent an entire Saturday with me running around town looking for perfect shoes.

I’m picky, especially when it comes to footwear, so we came out empty handed. Buying a pair from Italy was of course an option, but I want to see the sights rather than shop!

There’s an H&M right next door, and it was our last stop. They had a cheap, black high heeled shoe that was OK, so I just got those. It’s better to buy a not-so-nice pair and stumble upon a nicer pair by accident than to risk it and not have anything to wear.

Purple Wrap Dress - belt detail

I used a thick satin for the purple wrap dress. The material is pretty on both sides, so going with The Wrap Dress Pattern was an easy choice. I could even make the dress without a lining, and not have to worry about the hem or belts revealing a turn-side of the fabric.

I made the belts really long so that I can change the way I tie them. I added a few pleats to where they’re attached to the dress. This helps the belt fit through a small hole on the side seam. It also adds a cute little detail.

Purple Wrap Dress - collar detail

I wanted to do something different with the pattern. The original pattern is a pretty basic sleeveless wrap dress. This version needed to be near-formal, so I made the hem long. I shaped the sleeve gaps a bit, and pretty much got rid of the shoulders. I then added a large collar to the dress.

The satin is a rich, beautiful purple. As I was starting with this project, I figured I might add a bit of black lace to the dress. After the dress began to take shape, I realized the fabric was too lovely to hide. I really like this color, and though I might only wear my purple wrap dress once, I’m so happy I made it for my BFFs big day. The dress is all wrinkled up from sewing in these photos. I hope you’ll forgive me for that!

Purple Wrap Dress

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my purple wrap dress!

Until next time.



Wrap Dress Styles

Styling up a wrap dress can be a tall order. They’re difficult to pair with belts, and they can have issues with cardigans. There are options, though, for creating wrap dress styles. Today, I wanted to show you a few cute outfits based on our Sleeveless Wrap Dress Pattern. The Wrap Dress is our featured product for this week and next. It’s on sale for all VIPs, so go head and join our mailing list to gain access to the offer.

I took these photos late in the evening, so the lighting’s a bit different from usual. My camera was also a bit poorly leveled as you may notice…

Snake Skin

Popping a top under a sleeveless dress is always a good choice. For the first look, I paired The Wrap Dress with our Pretty Basic Jersey Top. The top’s made with snake skin print lycra, and has a double-bound neckline.

My wrap dress is made with a thick cotton jersey. It’s black, but tints toward brown. That’s why my first instinct was to choose a top with a brown print. I really like the way this outfit turned out. It’s comfortable and cute, and completely office appropriate. Snake skin shoes repeat the top’s pattern, and complete the look.

For jewelry, I chose to wear a single black bangle. I fear it might have been lonely on its own, but it does make a pretty detail!

Wrap Dress Styles - Snakeskin

A dab of Blue

Small touches of color brighten up any outfit. I’m most comfortable in black, but sometimes it’s nice to shake it up a bit.

Not too much, though.

For the second look, I wore a blue mesh top under the wrap dress. To even out the contrast between a light top and a heavy dress, I wore sleeves over the top. The sleeves bring a bit of warmth, and also tone down the blue top a little.

This outfit it also super-comfy, and perfect for running errands and shopping. For the photos, I decided to pair it with H&M heels I just got. I’m not that crazy about the shoes, but they’re basic, classic, and affordable. I had a bit of a shoe-related emergency, and these heels saved me.

Wrap Dress Styles - Blue

Cute with Lace

Blouses also work well with wrap dresses. For the last stop of today’s wrap dress styles, I paired the dress up with a black lace blouse. I’ve actually done a similar look earlier, in this post. I wore that particular outfit when we went to see CMX in August, and really liked it. Today, I wanted to show you a slight variation of it.

I wore a lace blouse with ruffle sleeves under the wrap dress along with a lace petticoat. Together, they bring a lot of femininity to the look. I tied the belts to the front, and secured them with a brooch. Silver pumps and a statement ring play well with the silvery brooch, and add a bit of color the otherwise dark outfit.

This looks is really nice for parties that might be on the chilly side. A light layer under the dress gives a lot of warmth, and adding a shawl to the mix will make this look even cozier.

Wrap Dress Styles - Lace I hope you’ve enjoyed our Wrap Dress Styles!

Until next time.



More Party Looks

This week, we’ve been talking about The Pretty Basic Party Dress. On Tuesday, I showed you a red variation of it, and today we’re going to look at more outfits. Party looks are fun to create. I tried to make this bunch have a bit more attitude!

Long and Red

As I mentioned on Tuesday, I have issues with this dress. I like the style and the shape, the color not so much. The dress has loads of sentimental value, so I can’t just toss it or mod it beyond recognition. My only choice is to accessorize it. Sadly, this dress has a lot going on. The lace yoke and details work against statement jewelry, and the long hem makes it almost impossible to play with leg wear and petticoats. The only thing this red number likes is corsets.

Different hair styles and make-up will do a lot to change the general mood of the dress, but they can’t erase one bit of its overwhelming redness.

With these words, I give up, and reserve the dress to be worn on Christmas at Mom’s and Dad’s. That’ll teach it!

Party Looks - Long red hems can work for casual gettogethers, too

Light Layers

The black versions of the dress are much more co-operative when creating party looks. With a neutral base, the dresses take accessories well, and love accent colors. For the second look, I drew inspiration from all the times I’ve been forced to spend a long time outside, shivering with cold. Wearing a cardigan over a dress is always a viable option, but it tends to cover up a lot of the dress. Adding another layer under a dress brings just as much warmth, and looks much cooler.

I wore a mesh top with ragged ruffle sleeves under the top. My tulle ring goes beautifully with the ruffles!

This look tasted like the eighties, so I wanted to bring more of it to the outfit. A bowler hat did the trick with a minimal amount of effort. Popping on a hat also saves you from doing your hair!

I wore a tulle petticoat under the dress. It matches the mesh top’s ruffle sleeves, and completes the look. To keep this style casual, I wore canvas shoes. I got the shoes a few years back, and sewed a bit of lace on them to make them prettier. These are really good for walking, and cute enough to wear to casual parties.

Party Looks - Going outside? Wear light layers!

Black Pearls

For the last outfit, I chose to hold on to the layer-idea. I wore a mesh top under the lace-yoked version, and pushed up the dresses sleeves. This changed the shape of the sleeves quite a bit, and gave the dress a lighter look. I also pulled the dress up at the waist a bit, just enough to make it wrinkle. This trick makes the dress look less polished, and allows the use of statement jewelry.

I wanted to add a belt to the dress. Something big and flashy and unique. I didn’t really have anything like that, so I took a long pearl necklace, put it around my waist, and secured it with a brooch. I also wore all of my bangles, big silver hoops, and a huge silver ring. Silver heels complete the look with an eye-catching detail.

Party Looks - Adding a belt is always an option

I hope you’ve enjoyed our Party Looks!

Next week, I’m going to be in Italy, so all of our posts will be timed. I’m really hoping everything will roll out smoothly!



Red Party Dress

This week, our theme has been The Pretty Basic Party Dress. I really like the style: it’s easy to sew, super-comfy, and perfect for informal little parties. I’ve made a few variations of the dress, including the dress I wore on my Birthday. Today, I wanted to show you another mod based on the pattern. I call this one The Red Party Dress. Unlike the previous dresses, this one is made with non-elastic materials!

I made this dress a few years back, actually. I needed something special for Mom’s and Dad’s 70th. Something that wasn’t black. Luckily, I had something red(ish) stashed. I also had a bit of lace left over from an order. Combining the two fabrics was an easy choice, and so was the style. A yoked dress with a long hem is classic and pretty, and not too fancy for a small party.

I used a lace fabric with a scallop edge. The lace has a little bit of stretch, but only enough to make it comfortable to wear. I was also running very low on it. I wanted long sleeves, but the limited quantity forced me to quilt a bit. I cut the upper and lower sleeve on the lace, and covered the seam with a strip cut on the scallop edge. This solution gave me a pretty detail, and hid the fact that I had to improvise a little.

I made the yoke with more scraps of lace. I didn’t have a zipper long enough to reach the neck, and since I was very low on time, I made the back with a slit. I used a scalloped lace strip to bind the slit and the neckline.

Lace fabrics with a scallop edge can be a bit intimidating. I’m always tempted to cut pattern pieces from the scalloped edge. Cutting the edge off, and using it to hem garments in another viable option. Playing with lace and adding it to dresses is fun, and makes garment feel special. Lace fabrics are available in almost any fabric store, including amazon. I dug around a bit, and found a lovely lace in many pretty colors. If you purchase fabrics via the links below, I might earn a little extra.
58″ Aqua Scalloped Floral Pattern Lace Fabric by the Yard – 1 Yard
58″ Peach Papaya Scalloped Floral Pattern Lace Fabric by the Yard – 1 Yard
58″ Lilac Scalloped Floral Pattern Lace Fabric by the Yard – 1 Yard
58″ Navy Scalloped Floral Pattern Lace Fabric by the Yard – 1 Yard

Attaching the yoke to the red part was an easy job, but the seam looked very strict. To make it softer, I added another strip of lace. The pretty edge made all the difference, and the seam turned out quite nice.

The bodice and hem are one piece shaped only at the side seams, and the center back seam. Sewing a zipper into a curved seam is a nightmare, but with a lot of basting, it came out fine. Mom was very happy with my choice of attire, but I’ve only worn the dress once after their party!

That one time was my first actual date with Charming. I’d been thinking about taking the dress apart and using it for something else, but now it has sentimental value. I guess I’ll just have to learn to wear red. Accessories can turn a dress around entirely. Making this one more Me shouldn’t be that difficult.

Red Party Dress - Black lace yoke with long red hem

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my Red Party Dress!

Until next time.



Pretty Basic Party Looks

This week’s featured product is The Pretty Basic Party Dress. I really like this dress. Since this is a relatively new pattern, I figured it’d be nice to feature it again. On Tuesday, I promised an outfit post, and here it is! I came up with four different ways to rock The Pretty Basic Party Dress. I had loads of fun styling up the dress and creating party looks!


The Pretty Basic Party Dress is designed to be knee-length. The hem is easy to shorten, so you can sew it as short (or long) as you like. Shortening a finished dress isn’t that easy, especially if you’re in a rush and need it now. For the first look, I came up with a super-easy way to shorten a hem. All you need is an elastic belt. Put it around your waist, pull the dress up and over the belt, and voila! you’re wearing a skirt and a crop top.

This is a really young look. I topped it up with a tulle petticoat and a ring to match. I made the ring a long time ago, but haven’t shown it in the blog. Maybe I’ll feature it, and even write a quick tutorial on how to make one!

I kinda like the way a belt can turn a dress into something entirely different. Crop tops, I hear, are in again, but wearing one during the winter is cold, uncomfortable, and just not fun in general. With this trick, you can pull off a cropped look without freezing your belly.

Pretty Basic Party Looks - Cropped

A Bit Gothic

You’ve probably noticed that I like slapping corsets on dresses. It’s a quick and easy way to add both color and character to a dress. Of course, I had to do it with this dress, too. I chose my blood-splatter corset mainly because it’s the one I wear most. It’s comfortable, it has the perfect fit for me, and I thoroughly love the print. This elastic waist enhancer looks cute with The Party Dress, too.

Corsets often turn any outfit into a Gothic direction. I wanted to travel a bit further down that road. I added a lace petticoat to the look, and topped it off with a heart choker. Red heels bring a bit more red to the outfit, and add a grown-up element.

I really like this style, and am very likely to wear it out soon!

Pretty Basic Party Looks - A Bit Gothic


Get-togethers with relatives often require classic party looks with as little personality as possible. The Party Dress is pretty perfect for creating a classic look that doesn’t offend anyone. I paired the short-sleeved version with a lace petticoat, and silver heels. I chose small, elegant jewelry over statement pieces to keep the look nice and polished.

Personal style is important to me and everyone. There are certain times, though, when it’s polite to dress down a bit. Christmas with family, weddings, and funerals are highest on my list. This look is something I’d consider wearing for Christmas dinner. Mom would wrinkle her nose at me being clad in black yet again, but this style is elegant, classy, and free of skulls and spiderwebs.

Pretty Basic Party Looks - Classy

20s Fun

Halloween is on its way, and we don’t really have that much time to create elaborate costumes. I for one always sort of wake up the morning before, and go “oh f**k not again”. Due to me being a complete scatterbrain and having a habit of pushing things off, I’ve developed a skill of raiding a closet for a super-quick Halloween costume. I’ve realized that a costume doesn’t have to be perfect, it just needs to look like you put in some effort. Theme-parties are the easiest for me, and decades my favorite themes. Dressing up to fit the standard of a certain era is a perfect chance to just dive into your dress collection, and accessorizing like crazy!

For the last style in our party looks collection, I chose Twenties.

The Twenties were the era of prohibition and jazz, of All Things Forbidden. Skirts grew short and accessories large. For this look, I wore a black rose on my wrist. It’s actually meant for the hair, but accessories are versatile things!

The Party Dress falls just above the knee. To give it a bit more lace, I wore a lace petticoat under it, and gathered the hem up with a brooch. Pearls and the rose complete the  fun look.

Pretty Basic Party Looks - 20s Fun

I hope you’ve enjoyed our Party Looks with The Pretty Basic Party Dress! On Tuesday, I’ll show you guys something I made again, and it will follow this week’s theme.

Until then.