Heather Wielding Designs – patterns with a dark twist
a dab of fantasy into your everyday life

Heather Wielding Designs is a small independent pattern company based in Finland. It is founded and owned by a darkly inclined textile artist. We offer sewing patterns, knitting patterns, and a small selection of crochet patterns. Our sewing patterns bear subtle elements of dark fashion, and are designed especially for petite beauties. As the environment is important to us, many of our patterns include tips and hints on how to upcycle existing garments.

Sewing Patterns

All our patterns come in pdf-form only, and are fully downloadable after payment is made. Our sewing patterns include an illustrated tutorial on how to construct the garment. We also offer a few drafting tutorials, which do not include an actual pattern, but help you draft one based on your own measurements.

All of our sewing patterns are also available on Craftsy.

Knitting Patterns

Our knit and crochet patterns are also available in pdf-form only. Most of our designs are quick and easy to make, and are suitable for beginners. Soft yarns and large needle sizes make our styles a joy to knit and a pleasure to wear.

All of our knit and crochet patterns are also available on Ravelry.


In our blog, you can find further information about our products. Each post features a product, offering more info on how the design came to life. You’ll find glimpses on how a garment was made, sneak peaks into upcoming patterns, and naturally more detailed introductions to our pattern selection. Some of our posts include more hints and tips on how to take full advantage on recycled and upcycled materials.

Happy sewing!


Heather Wielding